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NBR/LNER Reid "J37" Class 0-6-0

Class Types
NBR Class B (Same as 'S' class but with 165psi boilers (as opposed to 175psi for class 'S'))
NBR Class S (Same as 'B' class but with 175psi boilers (as opposed to 165psi for class 'B'))

Designer Reid
Introduced 1914
Pre-Grouping North British Railway
Big Four London and North Eastern Railway
Wheels 0-6-0
Number Built 104
First in Service 12/1914
Last in Service 22/04/1967
Cowlairs Works 35
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow 69
BuilderOrder #DateSize
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow L695 05/1918 34
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow L716 10/1919 20
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow L739 11/1920 15

Copyright: BarkingBill
Variant Introduced 1914
Tractive Effort 25,211lbs
Inside Cylinders 19.5" x 26" (2 off)
Inside Valves 9.5"Piston
Inside Motion Stephenson

Drivers 5'
Locomotive Wheelbase 16' 11"
Tender Wheelbase 13' 6"
Total Wheelbase 40'
Descriptive Wheelbase 7' 9" + 9' 2" + 9' 7" + 6' 9" + 6' 9" = 40' 0"

Length (over buffers) 54' 512"
Weight (in running order) 95t 13cwt
Weight (loco only) 54t 14cwt
Maximum Axle Load 20t 6cwt
Water Capacity 3,500gal
Coal Capacity 7t 0cwt

Boiler & Firebox
Boiler Diagram 77
Boiler Max Diameter 5' 414"
Boiler Barrel Length 10' 738"
Boiler Pressure 180lbs
Boiler Pitch 8' 612"
Firebox Length 6' 4"
Firebox Grate Area 19.8ft2
Firebox Heating Surface 149.07ft2
Tube Number 153
Tube Diameter 11316"
Tube Area 783.49ft2
Flue Elements 22
Flue Diameter 5"
Flue Area 310.77ft2
Total Evaporative Area 1243.33ft2
Superheater Elements 22
Superheater Element Diameter 1332"
Superheater Element Area 176.39ft2
Total Heating Area 1419.72ft2