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GWR Dean "Earl/Dukedog" Class 4-4-0

Class Types
GWR Class 9000

Designer Dean
Rebuilt By Collett
Introduced 1936
Big Four Great Western Railway
Description (1957) Outside framed 4-4-0's with 5' 8" wheels. Built nominally as new engines between 1936 and 1939, they were in fact re-constructions of the withdrawn 'Duke of Cornwall' class and 'Bulldogs', embodying the boilers of the former and frames of the latter. They were numbered 3200-3228 until 1946 and for a short time the first twelve were named after 'Earls'. These name plates, however, were very soon transferred to the newly built 'Castle' class engines 5043-5054, since when they have remained un-named. For a long time the class continued to be known as 'Earls', but more recently the name 'Dukedog' (a combination of 'Duke of Cornwall' and 'Bulldog') has been widely applied. Nos. 9006/7 and 9019 were scrapped in 1948, followed by others since 1954, but several of the class are still in service, the only Great Western 4-4-0's remaining for some years.
Wheels 4-4-0
Number Built as Earl 29
First in Service 04/1936
Last in Service 10/1960
Swindon Works 29

Copyright: Andrew Dyke
Variant Introduced 1936



Boiler & Firebox