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WD "WD/8" Class 2-8-0

Class Types
WD Class WD/8

Introduced 1943
Big Four WD
Description (1957) War-time 'Austerity' 2-8-0's designed by Riddles and constructed in large numbers from 1943 onwards. 4' 8½" driving wheels with 2 outside cylinders measuring 19" x 28". 200 of these locomotives were purchased by the L.N.E.R. in 1947, and these, together with 533 others which had been on loan to pre-Nationalization companies, eventually became British Railways' stock and were renumbered into one series as Nos. 90000-90732.

Class O7, later renumbered 90000-90100, 90422-90520. War Department Austerity design of 2-8-0, several hundred of which were built between 1943 and 1945, the majority of which went overseas. On return, 200 of them were taken into L.N.E.R. stock in 1947, becoming Nos. 3000-3199. After being at first allocated Nos. 63000-63199, they were later incorporated into the 90000 series, which embraced the whole of the stock coming under British Railways' ownership.
Wheels 2-8-0
Number Built as WD/8 935
First in Service 01/1943
Last in Service 01/1973
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow 545
Vulcan Foundry 390

Copyright: BarkingBill
Variant Introduced 1943



Boiler & Firebox