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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
LMS 2566 on 26/08/1936
BR 42566 w/e 14/05/1949

Locomotive Specifics
Designer W. Stanier
Class 4P
Company History LMS
Wheels 2-6-4T
Builder North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow
Order Number L896
Works Number 24322
To Service Sat 26/08/1936
Withdrawal Sat 22/05/1965
Scrapping During 10/1965
Service Life 28 yrs, 8 mths , 26 dys

Code Name From Date
  (New) 26/08/1936
2B Bletchley 01/01/1948
5A Crewe North 4w/e 09/08/1952
9G Northwich 4w/e 11/09/1954
5A Crewe North 4w/e 04/12/1954
9A Longsight 4w/e 05/11/1955
6H Bangor 4w/e 03/12/1955
5A Crewe North 4w/e 28/01/1956
3B Bushbury 4w/e 10/08/1957
5A Crewe North 4w/e 07/09/1957
2C Warwick 4w/e 30/11/1957
2A Rugby w/e 15/11/1958
84D Leamington 4w/e 29/11/1958
2A Rugby w/e 20/12/1958
84D Leamington 4w/e 21/02/1959
87E Landore 4w/e 31/12/1960
84D Leamington 4w/e 25/02/1961
1A Willesden 12/08/1962
6C Birkenhead Mollington Street w/e 25/05/1963
   Withdrawn 22/05/1965

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC 5A Crewe North 4w/e 09/08/1952
LOAN 9G Northwich 4w/e 04/09/1954
ALLOC 5A Crewe North 4w/e 27/11/1954
LOAN 9A Longsight 4w/e 05/11/1955
LOAN 6H Bangor 4w/e 03/12/1955
EXLOAN 5A Crewe North 4w/e 28/01/1956
LOAN 3B Bushbury 4w/e 10/08/1957
LOAN 3B Bushbury 2w/e 12/08/1957
EXLOAN 5A Crewe North 2w/e 12/08/1957
EXLOAN 5A Crewe North 4w/e 07/09/1957
ALLOC 2C Warwick 4w/e 02/11/1957
ALLOC 84D Leamington 4w/e 29/11/1958
ALLOC 2A Rugby 4w/e 29/11/1958
LOAN 91W To Western Region / GWR 4w/e 27/12/1958
EXLOAN 2A Rugby 4w/e 27/12/1958
ALLOC 84D*   4w/e 21/02/1959
LOAN 91W To Western Region / GWR 4w/e 28/02/1959
LOAN 87E Landore 4w/e 31/12/1960
ALLOC 84D Leamington 4w/e 25/02/1961
ALLOC 91W To Western Region / GWR m/e 30/04/1962
ALLOC 91M To London Midland Region m/e 31/08/1962
ALLOC 1A Willesden 4w/e 01/09/1962
ALLOC 6C Birkenhead Mollington Street 4w/e 01/06/1963
WDN   w/e 22/05/1965

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
31/01/1955 Northwich MPD Once quite a 'J10 stronghold', this shed, in January, 1955, has only four examples on its strength: 65131, 65134, 65165 an 65169. Their duties are confined to shunting and trips on the Winsford branch. Three 'super Ds' now deal with the Winnington branch traffic and the last ex-GC 2-6-4 tank has gone. It was a much-photographed locomotive, the running shed foreman relating how, what he rather delightfully styled a 'number snatcher', had come all the way from Scotland to secure a picture! There has been a resurgence of Sunday 'hoppers' between Northwich and Tunstead, no less than five trips being run on 9/1/55. The two diesel shunters allocated to Northwich last year continue to give satisfaction. They run down to Crewe once per fortnight for re-fuelling and servicing. A somewhat rare visitor to Northwich when on 8/1/55 was 2-6-4T 42566 of 5A. The only other ex-L.N.E. locomotive present on 8/1/55 was D10 4-4-0 62656 'Sir. Clement Royds'. SLS/195503
17/11/1958 Shed Closures Coventry, Hunstanton and Warwick sheds closed w.e.f. 17th, 3rd and 17th November respectively. Of the Warwick locos. 41227/8/85, 42566 an 48018 have been transferred to Leamington (GW) 84D. SLS/195812
27/12/1958 Warwick MPD Further to a recent note, 41227/8/85 an 42566 were officially transferred to W.R. 13th December, 1958, but on 20th December 42566 was transferred back to Rugby and its daily parcels turn was worked (from 22nd December) by 82031 (84G) until 9th January when Fowler 2-6-4T 42388 (87K-Swansea) appeared on this duty. SLS/195902
13/06/1959 Leamington Spa Former G.W. Railcars W13/4 are now allocated as parcels cars-they have seating removed. Three Ivatt 2-6-2Ts are still here viz. 41228/78/85 and relieve 42566 (when necessary) on the Nuneaton parcels roster. SLS/195909
31/10/1959 Leamington Spa The parcels rail-cars have recently been out of action and the replacement trains have been worked by 42566 (still with 2C plate !) which has worked over GW metals as far as Wolverhampton LL and Stourbridge June., being so noted in January. 42566's regular working to Nuneaton was taken over by 41228 (with 41285 as spare engine). SLS/196003

Date Event Details Source See Also
26/08/1936 To Service To service as London, Midland & Scottish Railway Number 2566
Built at North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow, Works Number 24322
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Bletchley (2B)    
14/05/1949 Renumbered Renumbered to 42566    
09/08/1952 Allocation Reallocated to Crewe North (5A)    
11/09/1954 Allocation Reallocated to Northwich (9G)    
04/12/1954 Allocation Reallocated to Crewe North (5A)    
05/11/1955 Allocation Reallocated to Longsight (9A)    
03/12/1955 Allocation Reallocated to Bangor (6H)    
28/01/1956 Allocation Reallocated to Crewe North (5A)    
10/08/1957 Allocation Reallocated to Bushbury (3B)    
07/09/1957 Allocation Reallocated to Crewe North (5A)    
30/11/1957 Allocation Reallocated to Warwick (2C)    
15/11/1958 Allocation Reallocated to Rugby (2A)    
29/11/1958 Allocation Reallocated to Leamington (84D)    
20/12/1958 Allocation Reallocated to Rugby (2A)    
21/02/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Leamington (84D)    
31/12/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Landore (87E)    
25/02/1961 Allocation Reallocated to Leamington (84D)    
18/08/1962 Allocation Reallocated to Willesden (1A)    
25/05/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Birkenhead Mollington Street (6C)    
22/05/1965 Withdrawn Condemned as 42566    

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