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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
SR 21C165 m/e 07/1947
BR 34065 9w/e 01/08/1948

Names Carried
Date From Name

Locomotive Specifics
Designer O. Bulleid
Class West Country/Battle of Britain
Company History SR
Wheels 4-6-2
Builder Brighton Works
To Service During 07/1947
Withdrawal 2w/e Mon 13/04/1964
Scrapping During 11/1964
Service Life 16 yrs, 9 mths , 14 dys

Code Name From Date
  (New) m/e 07/1947
RAM Ramsgate 01/01/1948
30A Stratford 4w/e 19/05/1951
91S To Southern Region 4w/e 19/04/1952
70A Nine Elms 9w/e 30/06/1952
73A Stewarts Lane 6w/e 18/06/1954
70A Nine Elms 6w/e 21/06/1955
72A Exmouth Junction 6w/e 14/06/1959
   Withdrawn 2w/e 13/04/1964

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
NEW RAM Ramsgate 08/07/1947
ALLOC BAT Stewarts Lane 8w/e 08/01/1949
ALLOC 70A Nine Elms 7w/e 22/04/1950
REINS 70A Nine Elms 6w/e 14/03/1951
LOAN ER   12/05/1951
LOAN 30A Stratford w/e 19/05/1951
LOAN 91E To Eastern Region 6w/e 05/09/1951
LOAN 91E To Eastern Region 5w/e 08/10/1951
ALLOC 91S To Southern Region 4w/e 17/05/1952
ALLOC 70A Nine Elms m/e 30/06/1952
TOSTORE   5w/e 01/10/1953
REINS 70A Nine Elms 10w/e 10/12/1953
TOSTORE   6w/e 30/12/1953
REINS 73A Stewarts Lane 6w/e 22/06/1954
TOSTORE 73A Stewarts Lane 9w/e 31/10/1954
REINS 73A Stewarts Lane 4w/e 11/12/1954
ALLOC 70A Nine Elms 4w/e 04/06/1955
ALLOC 72A Exmouth Junction P 14/06/1959
WDN   2w/e 13/04/1964

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
10/09/1947 Waterloo Station At an official ceremony held at Waterloo on 10/9 the following were named: 21C151 Winston Churchill, 21C152 Lord Dowding and 21C164 Fighter Command, while on 16/9 during a similar function these were also named: 21C154 Lord Beaverbrook, 21C165 Hurricane and 21C166 Spitfire. SLS/194710
30/09/1947 Brighton Works Some of the 'Pacifics' of the 'West Country' or 'Battle of Britain' Class have recently been noted outside Brighton Works with names with the Air Force motto in oval frame underneath: Nos. 21C153 Sir Keith Park; 21C165 Hurricane; 21C166 Spitfire and 21C167 Tangmere. Later the names were covered, presumably for an official ceremony similar to those mentioned in the daily Press, e.g., 21C151 Winston Churchill; 21C152 Lord Dowding; 21C164 Fighter Command etc. The Kent & East Sussex 'Terrier' No. KES3 (ex L.B. & S.C.R. No. 70 Poplar) which entered Brighton Works at the end of April came out on September 13th painted green with black border and yellow lining. The Stroudley combined sandbox and splasher is retained but the engine is otherwise externally similar to the 'AIX' but without the rear toolbox. The copper top of the chimney is painted black. 'Austerity' No. 77037 has also recently been repaired and painted unlined black. Noteworthy engines in shops on 13/9 were: Nos. 2004, 2021, 2039, 2252 , also 'Austerity' 2-8-0's Nos. 70878 (Nimes), 77007 (Hazebrouk), 77094 (Creil), 77122 (Acheres), 77150 (Dunkerque) and 77286 (Huizen), and the last three of the 'West Country' Pacifics, the current order finishing at 21C170 . No. 2235 is used to supply steam for boiler test in place of 2255 withdrawn. Boxhill left Brighton under her own steam for Horsham on 3/9 and has since been reported in London. SLS/194710
01/02/1949 Brighton Works Engines in shops:-Nos. 21C101, CC2, 34004/05/20, 34061 73 Squadron, 34062/65, 2039/76/89, 2325, 2489, 2514, 32339, 32520 an 77062/94, for repair. Two 'Leader' Class under construction. No. 34090 left shops on 31/1 named Sir Eustace Missenden, Southern Railway Battle of Britain Class, the S.R. Coat-of-arms is also incorporated in the nameplate, the background of which is painted Air Force blue. The locomotive is painted malachite green with yellow lining, but the wheel centres instead of being black are also green and the tyres yellow. The British Railways crest is on the tender. SLS/194903
30/04/1949 Brighton Works A reconditioned boiler (BE.926) has arrived at Brighton for 'H.1' class locomotive No. 32037 Selsey Bill, now undergoing heavy repair. No. 34065 Hurricane ('B.O.B.' Class) which was about to leave the works in the experimental light green livery, has been repainted in the old S.R. livery with yellow bands. Re-numbered at Brighton: Nos. 32023/30 (6/4); No. 34008 Padstow (8/4); Nos. 32113 an 90527 (ex 77056) (11/4); 32525 an 34009 Lyme Regis (13/4). No. 32151, ex Eastleigh Works, was noted lined out at Brighton shed on 10/4 and on 20/4 No. 31826 was observed here in the same style. SLS/194905
30/06/1951 Britannias & B. of B.\'s Apart from 70004/9/14 the E.R. Allocation of Class '7' Pacifics was completed during Date: w/e 30th June, 70005 having returned from Rugby and been observed working 'The Norfolkrnan' on 27th June. On the whole these engines have made the most of their opportunities of really showing their paces on the new services which commenced with the Summer Timetable on 2nd July. The new timings, the results of imaginative and enterprising timetable work provide, among many improvements, four trains running daily between Liverpool St. and Norwich in 130 minutes. The Southern Region light 'Pacifics' have appeared on most of the main line expresses since their arrival but their activities have been somewhat circumscribed by the absence of water scoops which, on the Norwich run entails an extended stop for water at Ipswich. Despite this, 34065 worked the 8.30 a.m. 'flyer' on 20th July. 34039 also made a rare appearance on the Up 'Hook Continental' on 30th July. SLS/195109

Date Event Details Source See Also
07/1947 To Service To service as Southern Railway Number 21C165
Built at Brighton Works
09/1947 Naming Named 'HURRICANE'    
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Ramsgate (RAM)    
01/08/1948 Renumbered Renumbered to 34065    
19/05/1951 Allocation Reallocated to Stratford (30A)    
19/04/1952 Allocation Reallocated to To Southern Region (91S)    
30/06/1952 Allocation Reallocated to Nine Elms (70A)    
18/06/1954 Allocation Reallocated to Stewarts Lane (73A)    
21/06/1955 Allocation Reallocated to Nine Elms (70A)    
14/06/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Exmouth Junction (72A)    
13/04/1964 Withdrawn Condemned as 34065    

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