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Numbers Carried
Type Number Date From
Pre TOPS (Pre Tops) D5559 22/10/1959
TOPS (Tops) 31141 01/01/1973

Locomotive Specifics
Class as Built 30
Rebuild History
Wheels A1A-A1A
Builder Brush Traction, Loughborough
Cost when Built £
To Service 22/10/1959
Withdrawn 25/01/1989
Time in Service 29 yrs, 3 mths , 3 dys
Cut Up 10/1989
Cut At MC Metals (Springburn)
Information Disc Indicators
Status Scrapped

Code Name Date From
32B Ipswich (New) 22/10/1959
32A Norwich Thorpe w/e 17/06/1961
30A Stratford w/e 10/04/1965
40B Immingham w/e 23/04/1966
32B Ipswich w/e 12/08/1967
40B Immingham w/e 11/05/1968
41A Tinsley 4w/e 11/07/1970
51L Thornaby w/e 09/10/1971
30A Stratford w/e 13/11/1971
55B York (North) w/e 07/10/1972
TE Thornaby w/e 12/01/1974
   Withdrawn 25/01/1989

Date Modified Order_number Modification Total Cost
04/1973   Dual Braked  

Start End Event Details Source See Also
22/10/1959 To Service To service as D5559
Built at Brush Traction, Loughborough
Allocated to Ipswich (32B)
17/06/1961 Allocation Reallocated to Norwich Thorpe (32A)    
10/04/1965 Allocation Reallocated to Stratford (30A)    
23/04/1966 Allocation Reallocated to Immingham (40B)    
12/08/1967 Allocation Reallocated to Ipswich (32B)    
11/05/1968 Allocation Reallocated to Immingham (40B)    
11/07/1970 Allocation Reallocated to Tinsley (41A)    
09/10/1971 Allocation Reallocated to Thornaby (51L)    
13/11/1971 Allocation Reallocated to Stratford (30A)    
07/10/1972 Allocation Reallocated to York (North) (55B)    
01/01/1973 Renumbered Renumbered to 31141    
04/1973 Modification Modification: Air Brakes fitted    
12/01/1974 Allocation Reallocated to Thornaby (TE)    
25/01/1989 Withdrawn Condemned as 31141    
10/1989 Scrapped Broken up by MC Metals: Springburn    

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