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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
BR 61378 on 25/05/1951

Locomotive Specifics
Designer E. Thompson
Class B1
Company History LNER
Wheels 4-6-0
Builder North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow
Order Number L997
Works Number 26837
Fittings (as built)
Engine Brakes Steam Brake
To Service Mon 25/05/1951 to Colwick (38A)
Withdrawal Mon 25/11/1963 off March (31B)
Scrapping During 01/1964 at Locomotive Works (Doncaster)
Service Life 12 yrs , 6 mths

Notes 14/1/64 In for cutting up at Doncaster

Code Name From Date
38A Colwick (New) 25/05/1951
30A Stratford 19/10/1952
30F Parkeston Quay 08/02/1959
30A Stratford 01/01/1961
31B March 16/09/1962
   Withdrawn 25/11/1963

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
NEW 38A Colwick 25/05/1951
ALLOC 30A Stratford 4w/e 01/11/1952
ALLOC 30F Parkeston Quay 4w/e 21/02/1959
ALLOC 30A Stratford 5w/e 04/02/1961
ALLOC 31B March 4w/e 06/10/1962
WDN   25/11/1963

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced
Date Modified Modification
25/05/1951 Diagram 100A boiler fitted (number 10828)
11/10/1952 Diagram 100A boiler fitted (number 28201)
07/04/1956 Diagram 100A boiler fitted (number 28138)
12/12/1958 Modified bogie springs fitted
12/12/1958 Diagram 100A boiler fitted (number 28159)
22/07/1961 Diagram 100A boiler fitted (number 28109)

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
02/07/1961 Doncaster Works (Erecting Shops) New Erecting Shop: D2394/5, E3064-9. Boiler Shop: E3070. Stripping Road: D2235, D3446, D3694, 60022, 60502/19, 61195, 61311. 61902/19, 64170, 70018/39. Scrap Yard: 61997 being cut up. Crimpsall: 61157, 61846. Outside Crimpsall: D3660, 61056/87, 76050. Erecting Shops: D2026, D2234, D2402, D3449, D5571/2, D8211, 12124, 13253, 43154, 60009/30/62/73/7, 60142/55/6, 61074, 61167, 61378, 61893, 61906/43, 63928, 70009/23/7/35. Outside Erecting Shop: DEPT7, 60029, 61231, 61850/65, 68591. Weigh House: Nil. Outside Weigh House: D5534, 60099, 62059, 63967. Paint Shop: D2393, D6720, D9006, E3062/3, 13252, 60161, 61120. Outside Paint Shop: D351, D5347, D5804, D6719. Works Shunters: DEPT10/1. SLS/196108
16/07/1961 Doncaster Works (Paint Shop) New Erecting Shop: D2395/6, E3064-9, 13253. Boiler Shop: E3071/2. Stripping Road: D2235, 60044/56/63/94, 60502, 61088, 61803, 61902, 73043. Scrap Road: 61824, 61927/64, 64736, 69531 intact, 68951 just cut up. Crimpsal: 60150, 61204. Outside Crimpsal: 60147, 62015, 70034. Erecting Shop: D3446/9, D3660, D5560/72, D8212, 12124, 60022/30, 60155, 60519, 61055, 61157/95, 61208, 61312/26, 61846, 70009/18/38/9, 76050. Outside Erecting Shop: DEPT7, 60034. Weigh House: Nil. Outside Weigh House: 60029, 61906. Paint Shop: D2234, D2394, D5571, D6722, E3063, 60009/73, 61056, 61378, 61893. Outside Paint Shop: D353, D5806, D9008. Works Shunters: DEPT10/1. SLS/196109
04/03/1963 GC line Since the withdrawal of the local services from 4th March, Annesley shed now works the remaining semi-fast services (Nottingham-London) using Class 5s and Royal Scots. Woodford shed now has no passenger workings and its stud of ex LMR 2-6-4Ts (from Neasden) have been placed in store. Leicester shed has not been closed but its allocation has been reduced; on 16th March the following were on shed-42437/53/6, 44690, 45238, 45579, 48079; 46112, 60961 an 61374. Only latter was in steam. Leicester Central will be used during the summer for the former Belgrave Road station trains to Mablethorpe and Skegness (which ran on Saturdays and Sundays only). SLS/196304
28/02/1963 March MPD Britannias 70000/1/2/3/5/6-13 were all placed in store at March in February due to further dieselisation by Type 3 diesels from Darnall and these now cover several March freight turns; three of the Britannias are understood to be unserviceable due to frost damage. On 30th March 70000/1/5/10/2 were transferred to Willesden leaving the others stored at the time. On 13th April, a visit to the shed revealed 70008/11/3 in steam acting as spare engines for diesel failures. J17 65541, which was stationary boiler here, has now been replaced by B1 61378. A new diesel depot is being built at March alongside the old repair shops and a further diesel depot is now under construction at Kings Lynn where 7 Brush and 6 small diesels are stationed. Several Brush diesels are now stabled in the old steam shed at Cambridge and 2 Brush diesels and one 204 h.p. stable at Ely. SLS/196304
16/04/1963 Malton MPD The closure of Malton shed, recently forecast, as being likely to take place this summer, actually occurred officially on and from 16th April. All Maltonís steam locos. had however left during the preceding week, and on the official day of closure, the only steam loco. at the shed was 43055 (50A), on temporary standby. The two diesel shunters are now stabled overnight on a carriage siding under that part of the station roof which covers the Whitby bay platform. Since closure of Malton shed, local goods workings between York and Malton have been covered by 2-6-Os of 43XXX and 77XXX series; one of the latter type (including 77004 still with snowplough) brings the early morning goods from York and continues with the pick-up freight to Whitby, where it is remanned. The diesel shunters have been working the thrice-weekly trip on the Gilling branch, which is now disconnected at the Pilmoor end. The Ampleforth College Special from London to Gilling on 30th April, was worked from KX to Malton by A4 60017 Silver Fox and was replaced by 2-6-0 77004 still fitted with its small snowplough. Y7 0-4-0 ex-L.N.E.R. 985 is lying derelict at Bentinck Colliery (nr. Kirkby in Ashfield) and appears to have been out of use for some time. SLS/196304

Works Visits
Works Stopped Entry Departure Durn Level of Work Mileage
Darlington Works 20/02/1952 12/03/1952 22 days Light Casual
After collision
Darlington Works 30/09/1952 11/10/1952 12 days Heavy Casual
Boiler number 28201 (Diagram 100A)
Stratford Works 14/09/1953 24/10/1953 41 days General  
Stratford Works 17/02/1956 07/04/1956 51 days General
Boiler number 28138 (Diagram 100A)
Stratford Works 21/10/1958 12/12/1958 53 days General
Boiler number 28159 (Diagram 100A)
Modified bogie springs fitted
Doncaster Works 14/06/1961 22/07/1961 39 days General
Boiler number 28109 (Diagram 100A)

Date Event Details Source See Also
25/05/1951 To Service To service as British Railways Number 61378
Built at North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow, Works Number 26837
Allocated to Colwick (38A)
Diagram 100A boiler fitted
20/02/1952 Works Visit Works Visit - Darlington Works (Light Casual) - Arr: 20/02/1952. Dep: 12/03/1952.
Work undertaken:
After collision
30/09/1952 Works Visit Works Visit - Darlington Works (Heavy Casual) - Arr: 30/09/1952. Dep: 11/10/1952.
Work undertaken:
Boiler number 28201 (Diagram 100A)
19/10/1952 Allocation Reallocated to Stratford (30A)    
14/09/1953 Works Visit Works Visit - Stratford Works (General) - Arr: 14/09/1953. Dep: 24/10/1953.    
17/02/1956 Works Visit Works Visit - Stratford Works (General) - Arr: 17/02/1956. Dep: 07/04/1956.
Work undertaken:
Boiler number 28138 (Diagram 100A)
21/10/1958 Works Visit Works Visit - Stratford Works (General) - Arr: 21/10/1958. Dep: 12/12/1958.
Work undertaken:
Boiler number 28159 (Diagram 100A)
Modified bogie springs fitted
08/02/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Parkeston Quay (30F)    
01/01/1961 Allocation Reallocated to Stratford (30A)    
14/06/1961 Works Visit Works Visit - Doncaster Works (General) - Arr: 14/06/1961. Dep: 22/07/1961.
Work undertaken:
Boiler number 28109 (Diagram 100A)
16/09/1962 Allocation Reallocated to March (31B)    
25/11/1963 Withdrawn Condemned as 61378 from March (31B)    

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