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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
Great Northern Railway 1370 m/e 11/1900
London and North Eastern Railway (1924) 4370 m/e 03/1925
London and North Eastern Railway (1946) 2173 m/e 10/1946
British Railways 62173 m/e Not applied

Locomotive Specifics
Designer H. Ivatt
Class D2
Company History GNR/LNER
Rebuild History
Wheels 4-4-0
Builder Doncaster Works
Order Number 221
Works Number 907
Fittings (as built)
Engine Brakes Vacuum Brake
To Service During 11/1900
Withdrawal During 05/1950 off Colwick (38A)
Service Life 49 yrs, 5 mths , 30 dys

Code Name From Date
  (New) m/e 11/1900
GRA Grantham on 01/01/1948
   Withdrawn m/e 05/1950

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC GRA Grantham w/e 01/11/1947
ALLOC CLK Colwick w/e 09/10/1948

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
17/08/1947 Doncaster Works On 17/8 the following withdrawn locos. (still complete) were in the Works yard: 'D3' 2127/42/47; 'D2' 2171/86/91/96; 'Cl' 2800/12; '03' 3490/92; 'J3' 4155; 'C12' 7396 and Railcars R51909/13; whilst the following: 'D3' 2123, 'D2' 2181 and 'Dl' 2203 were observed stripped. Locos. awaiting Works or scrapping were: 'Bl' 1091, 'D3' 2139, 'D2' 2170/73, 'J3' 4121 and 'J55' 8319. W.D. No. 77003 was noted in the Erecting Shop. SLS/194710
17/07/1949 Derby Friargate MPD On 17/7 the following were noted at the ex G.N.R*. shed here, during the evening:-'D.2' Nos. 62172, 2173/77; 'D.3' No. 2123; 'J.5' Nos. 65484/85, 5497; 'J.6' No.4215; 'J.69' No. 8527. On this date, owing to extensive P.W. repairs on the ex L.M.S. line between Repton and Pear Tree Junction, involving a long section of single line working, certain ex L.M.S. trains from Burton to Derby were diverted via Dove Junction and Egginton over the ex G.N. line to Derby (with ex L.N.E.R. pilotmen from Egginton), passengers being conveyed from Derby (Friargate) to the ex L.M.S. station by omnibus. *The ex G.N. shed at Derby, the entrance to which is in Slack Lane (off Uttoxeter Old Road), is well worth a visit by members visiting the ex L.M.S. Works and Shed at Derby. SLS/194909

Date Event Details Source See Also
11/1900 To Service To service as Great Northern Railway Number 1370
Built at Doncaster Works, Works Number 907
03/1925 Renumbered Renumbered to 4370    
10/1946 Renumbered Renumbered to 2173    
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Grantham (GRA)    
1949 Number Allocated Allocated number 62173 but not taken up    
05/1950 Withdrawn Condemned as 2173 from Colwick (38A)    

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