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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
North Eastern Railway 1976 m/e 10/1898
London and North Eastern Railway (1946) 5654 m/e 08/1946
British Railways 65654 m/e 11/1948

Locomotive Specifics
Designer W. Worsdell / V. Raven
Class J25
Company History NER/LNER
Rebuild History
Wheels 0-6-0
Builder Gateshead Works
Order Number No Order ID issued
To Service During 10/1898
Withdrawal Mon 05/05/1958
Service Life 59 yrs, 7 mths , 5 dys

Code Name From Date
  (New) m/e 10/1898
   Withdrawn m/e 04/1939
91N To North Eastern Region (Reinstated) (Reinstated for the war effort) m/e 10/1939
HLS Hull Springhead on 01/01/1948
54A Sunderland 4w/e 20/01/1951
51E Stockton 5w/e 23/06/1951
50A York (North) 4w/e 24/10/1953
50B Neville Hill 5w/e 18/06/1955
53A Hull Dairycoates 5w/e 20/07/1957
   Withdrawn on 05/05/1958

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC HLD Hull Dairycoates w/e 01/10/1949
ALLOC 54A Sunderland m/e 31/01/1951
ALLOC 51E Stockton w/e 23/06/1951
ALLOC 50A York (North) 4w/e 03/10/1953
ALLOC 50B Neville Hill 4w/e 18/06/1955
ALLOC 53A Hull Dairycoates 4w/e 13/07/1957
WDN   on 05/05/1958

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced
Date Modified Modification
03/1915 Rebuilt with Piston Valves
03/1915 Diagram 67 (Superheated) boiler fitted
09/1935 Diagram 67 (Saturated) boiler fitted (Round Top firebox)
09/1935 Rebuilt with Slide Valves
06/1943 Diagram 67A boiler fitted

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
29/01/1955 York MPD 69369 (34E) mentioned in last month's notes, duly proceeded to Darlington (Bank Top), but was not accepted into North Road works. After returning to York, it spent a considerable time under repair in York shed before proceeding to Darnall (39B) on transfer. 'J25' 65650 an 65654 are now in store at York together with 62345. On 15th January, a Sheffield to Middlesbrough football excursion (M886) was worked throughout by 44855 (19A), which took water in York station platforms. On the same date 61028 (38C) was at York en route for Darlington works for repair. Other GC Section 'Bls' for Darlington works recently have included 61141 (38C), 61152 (39B) and 61328 (40B). 'Patriot' 45510 (5A) was an unusual visitor at York on 17th January. On 21st January, the 9.22 a.m. Leeds (City) to Scarborough was worked by 'B16/1' 61445 (50B) instead of the usual Holbeck Class 5, but 44853 (20A) worked the 3.10 p.m. York to Leeds (City). SLS/195503

Date Event Details Source See Also
10/1898 To Service To service as North Eastern Railway Number 1976
Built at Gateshead Works
Diagram 67 (Saturated) boiler fitted
03/1915 Modification Diagram 67 (Superheated) boiler fitted    
03/1915 Modification Modification: Rebuilt with Piston Valves    
09/1935 Modification Diagram 67 (Saturated) boiler fitted    
09/1935 Modification Modification: Rebuilt with Slide Valves    
10/1939 Reinstated Reinstated to To North Eastern Region (91N)    
06/1943 Modification Diagram 67A boiler fitted    
08/1946 Renumbered Renumbered to 5654    
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Hull Springhead (HLS)    
11/1948 Renumbered Renumbered to 65654    
20/01/1951 Allocation Reallocated to Sunderland (54A)    
23/06/1951 Allocation Reallocated to Stockton (51E)    
24/10/1953 Allocation Reallocated to York (North) (50A)    
18/06/1955 Allocation Reallocated to Neville Hill (50B)    
20/07/1957 Allocation Reallocated to Hull Dairycoates (53A)    
05/05/1958 Withdrawn Condemned as 65654    

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