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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
Great Western Railway 6934 on 20/12/1941

Names Carried
Date From Name

Locomotive Specifics
Designer C. Collett
Class Hall
Company History GWR
Wheels 4-6-0
Builder Swindon Works
Order Number 340
To Service Sat 20/12/1941
Withdrawal w/e Sat 09/10/1965
Scrapping During 01/1966 at Cashmore's (Great Bridge)
Service Life 23 yrs, 9 mths , 19 dys

Code Name From Date
  (New) on 20/12/1941
81C Southall 4w/e 18/04/1953
83G Penzance 4w/e 01/01/1955
83D Laira 4w/e 16/07/1955
84B Oxley 4w/e 08/10/1955
84A Stafford Road 4w/e 16/07/1960
89A Shrewsbury 4w/e 22/04/1961
2D Banbury w/e 24/10/1964
   Withdrawn w/e 09/10/1965

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC 81C Southall 4w/e 18/04/1953
ALLOC 83G Penzance 4w/e 01/01/1955
ALLOC 83D Laira 4w/e 16/07/1955
ALLOC 84B Oxley 4w/e 08/10/1955
ALLOC 84A Stafford Road 4w/e 16/07/1960
ALLOC 89A Shrewsbury 4w/e 22/04/1961
ALLOC 2D Banbury 4w/e 07/11/1964
WDN   w/e 09/10/1965

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
29/02/1948 Swindon Works Locomotives entering Works during February included:- Nos. 1013-15 1943, 1995, 2903, 2933, 2945, 2955, 3004, 3816, 3863, 4020, 4043, 4079, 4098, 4904, 4939, 4944, 4956, 5018, 5035, 5053, 5062, 5090, 5324, 5337, 5381, 5927, 5953, 5982, 6015, 6020, 6025, 6366, 6866, 6934, 6956, 7002, 7212, 7214, 7300, W.D. 77027, 77184, 79279, 79301 an 79309. Further locomotives ex works with prefix W and plain tanks or tenders included Nos. 823, 1433, 1441, 2288, 2951, while No. 6000 has the prefix and 'British Railways' on the tender SLS/194804
30/12/1962 Western Regionboundary changes The following former W.R. engines were transferred to the L.M. Region when the depots to which they are allocated became the responsibility of that Region on 1.1.63. The official date of the transfer is December 30th, 1962: D3004/25-9/34-9, D3105-13/5/6/91-4, D3752/5/7, D3950-2/6-8/68-70/73-85/8/95-7, 1002/13/6/9/23/5, 1432/58, 1619/28/32/8/60/3/8, 2210/1/36/89 2845/51/6/66/75/88, 3208/9/17, 3601/5/7/19/25/31/58/60/73, 3709/44/9/70/6/8/82/8/9/92, 3802/6/9/13/5/7/21/5/8/9/31/45/6/9/52/5/7/65, 4105/11/4/20/5/33/40/7-9/53-5/8/65/7/8/71-3/5/6/8/9, 4602/17/45/6/8/65/83/7/96, 4923/46/54/98, 5022/6/31/63/89, 5101/53, 5192, 5606/40/58, 5927/42/83/90/1/4/5, 6129, 6314/64, 6403/24, 6604/9-11/5/8/25/31/2/44/6/63/7/8/71/4/8/9/83/92/4/8, 6803/11/23/7/8/30/1/3/9/42/5/51/3-5/7/8/61/2/4/6/70/1/9, 6903/4/6/7/11/5/6/7/22/5/6/9/30/3/4/52/64/71/6/9/80, 7001/12/4/9/24/6, 7207/18/36, 7414/8/24/6/31/43. 7800-3/6/7/9/10/2/8/9/21-4/7/8, 7905/8/12/5/8/29, 8109, 8464/98, 8718, 9435/63/70/98, 9608/10/3/4/24/30/6/9/46/57/69, 9724/33/53/68/74/82/93, 41201-4/9/31/2/40/1/85, 44835, 45143/5/90, 45283/98, 45406/22, 45572/7, 45660/99, 46401, 46503-27, 48330/47/54/69/402/4/10/2/5/7/8/24/30/6/50/9/60/71/4/5/8, 48724/38/9/68, 73025 6/34-6/90/5/7, 75000/2-4/6/9/20/1/3/4/6/7/9, 78000/2/3/7/8, 80070/8-80/96/8/100/l/2/4/5/31/2/5/6, 82000/3/5/6/9/20/1/31-4, 92001, 92212/3/5/27/8/34/47. SLS/196303
03/08/1963 August Bank Holiday Saturday at Shrewsbury I (C. H. Rodway. - SLS) decided that on August Bank Holiday Saturday this year to visit Shrewsbury to see how much steam working was left on Express Passenger Trains. Having not been to Shrewsbury for two years I was particularly anxious to film some steam engines working whilst there was still a chance. I was agreeably surprised to find, despite dieselisation, a considerable amount of steam was on long distance passenger trains.
In the main most of the steam hauled passenger trains were being worked by Halls or Granges and the trains off the Crewe line were, as two years ago, a mixed bag. The first Class 8P of the day was 46248 City of Leeds which arrived on the 8-22 a.m. Manchester-Penzance. The pacific came off and was replaced by D821. The next train in, off the Crewe line, was the 8-45 a.m. Liverpool to Kingswear which arrived behind 45417 of Cricklewood. The Class 5 was detached and the substitute was the only Castle of the day. This was 5085 Evesham Abbey and was in a rather grimy condition. Another Class 5 which was a bit off its beaten track was 45302 of Northampton which arrived on the 9-15 a.m. Blackpool to Cardiff.
Two Britannia Class 7Ps were seen, 70054 Dornoch Firth which was on the 9-20 a.m. Liverpool-Plymouth and 70052 Firth of Tay which took the 7-35 a.m. Cardiff-Blackpool forward from Shrewsbury. Only one 'Royal Scot' was observed, this was 46141 on the 10-25 a.m. Manchester-Bournemouth and it proceded to some point south of Shrewsbury. However, it could not have gone far as it returned on the 9-28 a.m. Bournemouth-Liverpool/Manchester. Shortly after this engine had passed on its return journey the second pacific put in an appearance, this was 46256 Sir William Stanier, F.R.S. which worked the 9-18 a.m. Exmouth-Manchester forward from Shrewsbury.
The only County observed was 1013 County of Dorset which arrived on the 7-30 a.m. Paignton-Manchester 11 minutes early. The County was replaced by Jubilee 45590, one of the two seen working passenger trains, the other being 45591 which took the 12-10 Paddington-Birkenhead forward from Shrewsbury. 45699 Galatea was incidentally the station pilot engine.
Two Class 8Fs were noted on passenger trains, 48418 on the 12-27 p.m. to Swansea Victoria and 48507 which brought the 10-15 a.m. Swansea Victoria to Crewe into Shrewsbury.
Only two types of diesel engines were seen, the Western Class on trains to and from the Paddington line and Warships on trains to and from the Hereford line. The only exception to this was D1067 which arrived on the 11-05 a.m. Swansea-Manchester.
The report would not, I feel, be complete without some reference to the time-keeping. This was, in the main, very good with most trains arriving no more than 5 minutes late. The only train that was seriously late during the morning was the 9-05 a.m. Birkenhead-Poole which arrived 29 minutes late behind Hall 6934. In consequence the 9-20 Liverpool-Plymouth was delayed a few minutes making connection. After then the timekeeping was good until late afternoon when the Bournemouth trains were about 20 minutes late and I suspect that the first one had been delayed by the 12-10 p.m. from Paddington which was 19 minutes late arriving. The Hereford line trains had up to that time been excellent but as I returned on the 2-45 p.m. from Birkenhead I was unable to record what time the 6-10 a.m. Penzance-Liverpool arrived, or what the punctuality of the ensuing trains were like. When I left at 4-54 there was no sign of the 6-10 a.m. from Penzance which was due at 4-00 p.m.

Date Event Details Source See Also
20/12/1941 To Service To service as Great Western Railway Number 6934
Built at Swindon Works
03/1948 Naming Named 'BEACHAMWELL HALL'    
18/04/1953 Allocation Reallocated to Southall (81C)    
01/01/1955 Allocation Reallocated to Penzance (83G)    
16/07/1955 Allocation Reallocated to Laira (83D)    
08/10/1955 Allocation Reallocated to Oxley (84B)    
16/07/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Stafford Road (84A)    
22/04/1961 Allocation Reallocated to Shrewsbury (89A)    
24/10/1964 Allocation Reallocated to Banbury (2D)    
09/10/1965 Withdrawn Condemned as 6934    

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