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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
British Railways 76024 m/e 01/1953

Locomotive Specifics
Designer R. Riddles
Class Standard Class 4
Company History BR
Wheels 2-6-0
Builder Doncaster Works
To Service During 01/1953 to Gateshead (52A)
Withdrawal w/e Sat 31/12/1966
Scrapping During 04/1967 at Shipbreaking Industries (Faslane)
Service Life 14 yrs

Code Name From Date
52A Gateshead (New) m/e 01/1953
52C Blaydon 5w/e 21/03/1953
52E Percy Main 4w/e 18/04/1953
52d Alnmouth 4w/e 16/05/1953
52c Alston 5w/e 24/04/1954
51F West Auckland 3w/e 16/06/1956
52A Gateshead w/e 20/06/1959
52B Heaton w/e 28/11/1959
52G Sunderland w/e 09/07/1960
50A York (North) w/e 16/09/1961
51L Thornaby w/e 23/06/1962
67B Hurlford 4w/e 02/11/1963
   Withdrawn w/e 31/12/1966

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
NEW 52A Gateshead on 27/01/1953
ALLOC 52C Blaydon 4w/e 21/03/1953
ALLOC 52E Percy Main 4w/e 18/04/1953
ALLOC 52DALN   4w/e 16/05/1953
ALLOC 52CALSTON   4w/e 24/04/1954
ALLOC 52C Blaydon 4w/e 31/12/1955
ALLOC 51F West Auckland 4w/e 23/06/1956
ALLOC 52A Gateshead 4w/e 11/07/1959
ALLOC 52B Heaton 4w/e 28/11/1959
ALLOC 52G Sunderland 5w/e 06/08/1960
ALLOC 50A York (North) 3w/e 30/09/1961
ALLOC 51L Thornaby 5w/e 07/07/1962
ALLOC 91X To Scottish Region 4w/e 09/11/1963
ALLOC 67B Hurlford 4w/e 09/11/1963
WDN   w/e 31/12/1966

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
31/01/1956 York MPD December, 1955-January, 1956. On 28/12/55 60152 (64B), ex-works, was in York shed yard, and 60161 (64B) in similar circumstances on 5/1/56. 67764 (53B) was also at York on 28/12/55 en route for Darlington Works, whilst 67724 (30A) which had called at York, in rather poor condition, on 9/11/55, returned southward bound from Darlington Works on 12/1/56 in a more attractive state. On 29/12/55 new B.R. Standard Class 5 4-6-0 73106 from Doncaster was at York, with 76024 (52C) passing through for Doncaster Works. On the following day a very smart 60919 (61B) worked an up goods into Dringhouses during the course of running-in. from Darlington. On 4/1/56 44592 (5B) was an unusual visitor to York, whilst 63760 (54B) put in an appearance while on route for overhaul at Gorton.
On the same day three very rusty and forlorn 'Sl' 0-8-4Ts were at York en route for scrapping at Darlington, namely 69900 (36A), 69902 (36B), 69904 (36B). 69900/04 were hauled in by 61188 (38A) in particularly smart trim. 69902 was still at York on the following day which was also marked by the unusual simultaneous appearance in York station of two 'B17s', 61626 (31A) and 61656 (32A); the former brought in the 7.20 a.m. Colchester to Newcastle train which has also recently produced Woodford V2s 60890 an 60915 instead of the more-usual Doncaster or March engine. On 12/1/56 unusual visitors were 43088 (35A), and from the L.M.R. 44692 (24A) and 45211 (25G). The beginning of the year saw the number of 'J25s' in store at York south shed reduced to two, i.e., 65675 an 65677, but the ex-L.M.S.. shed still contains 69864 (50G), 62702 (50A), 62746 (50D) and 62761 (50D) in store. 62730 (50A) is still dumped out of service in the north shed yard but 62345 is at last showing signs of awakening from her-very prolonged hibernation.
09/09/1963 Thornaby MPD (in store) The steam allocation here is now in store viz. 60859/946, 65859/84, 67635/40, 68023/39, 76024, 77001/11/4, 90072/81/406/46/51/593. From 9th September (when West Aukland closed) seven type 3 d/es now work all former West Aukland duties. SLS/196310
01/05/1965 Cowlairs Works (Outside) Erecting shop: 42138/693, 44727/92, 44845/949/91/7, 45034/54/115/82/390, 76050, 73053/100, 80122, 90199; Outside: 45012/28, 45403/51, 73151, 76024. SLS/196506

Date Event Details Source See Also
01/1953 To Service To service as British Railways Number 76024
Built at Doncaster Works
Allocated to Gateshead (52A)
21/03/1953 Allocation Reallocated to Blaydon (52C)    
18/04/1953 Allocation Reallocated to Percy Main (52E)    
16/05/1953 Allocation Reallocated to Alnmouth (52d)    
24/04/1954 Allocation Reallocated to Alston (52c)    
16/06/1956 Allocation Reallocated to West Auckland (51F)    
20/06/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Gateshead (52A)    
28/11/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Heaton (52B)    
09/07/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Sunderland (52G)    
16/09/1961 Allocation Reallocated to York (North) (50A)    
23/06/1962 Allocation Reallocated to Thornaby (51L)    
02/11/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Hurlford (67B)    
31/12/1966 Withdrawn Condemned as 76024    

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