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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
GWR 8465 on 30/11/1950

Locomotive Specifics
Designer F. Hawksworth
Class 94xx
Company History GWR
Wheels 0-6-0PT
Builder Yorkshire Engine Company
Order Number Unk
Works Number 2458
To Service Thu 30/11/1950 to Neath (Court Sart) (87A)
Withdrawal During 11/1963
Scrapping During 11/1963
Service Life 12 yrs, 11 mths , 1 dy

Code Name From Date
87A Neath (Court Sart) (New) 30/11/1950
87B Duffryn Yard 4w/e 31/12/1950
88D Merthyr Tydfil 6w/e 30/06/1951
88C Barry 4w/e 29/02/1952
88F Treherbert 4w/e 21/03/1953
88B Cardiff East Dock 4w/e 14/08/1954
88C Barry 4w/e 06/10/1956
82C Swindon 4w/e 27/12/1958
81C Southall 4w/e 11/08/1962
   Withdrawn m/e 11/1963

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
NEW 87A Neath (Court Sart) 02/11/1950
ALLOC 87B Duffryn Yard 4w/e 02/12/1950
ALLOC 88D Merthyr Tydfil 4w/e 16/06/1951
ALLOC 88C Barry 4w/e 26/01/1952
ALLOC 88F Treherbert 4w/e 21/03/1953
ALLOC 88B Cardiff East Dock 4w/e 14/08/1954
ALLOC 88C Barry 4w/e 06/10/1956
ALLOC 82C Swindon m/e 31/01/1959
ALLOC 81C Southall 4w/e 11/08/1962
WDN   4w/e 30/11/1963

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Date Event Details Source See Also
30/11/1950 To Service To service as Great Western Railway Number 8465
Built at Yorkshire Engine Company, Works Number 2458
Allocated to Neath (Court Sart) (87A)
31/12/1950 Allocation Reallocated to Duffryn Yard (87B)    
30/06/1951 Allocation Reallocated to Merthyr Tydfil (88D)    
29/02/1952 Allocation Reallocated to Barry (88C)    
21/03/1953 Allocation Reallocated to Treherbert (88F)    
14/08/1954 Allocation Reallocated to Cardiff East Dock (88B)    
06/10/1956 Allocation Reallocated to Barry (88C)    
27/12/1958 Allocation Reallocated to Swindon (82C)    
11/08/1962 Allocation Reallocated to Southall (81C)    
11/1963 Withdrawn Condemned as 8465    

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