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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
SR 21C156 m/e 02/1947
BR 34056 9w/e 01/06/1948

Names Carried
Date From Name
02/1947 CROYDON

Locomotive Specifics
Designer O. Bulleid
Class West Country/Battle of Britain
Company History SR
Rebuild History
Air Smoothed02/1947
Wheels 4-6-2
Builder Brighton Works
To Service During 02/1947
Withdrawal w/e Sun 07/05/1967
Scrapping During 09/1967 at Cashmore's (Newport)
Service Life 20 yrs, 3 mths , 6 dys
Information Rebuilt Eastleigh Dec 1960

Code Name From Date
  (New) m/e 02/1947
DOV Dover Marine 01/01/1948
BAT Stewarts Lane 4w/e 30/06/1949
72A Exmouth Junction 4w/e 11/04/1951
72B Salisbury 4w/e 06/11/1954
72A Exmouth Junction 4w/e 11/12/1954
70E Salisbury m/e 11/11/1963
   Withdrawn w/e 07/05/1967

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC DOV Dover Marine P 01/12/1947
ALLOC RAM Ramsgate 9w/e 01/06/1948
ALLOC BAT Stewarts Lane 4w/e 30/06/1949
ALLOC 9E Nine Elms 6w/e 12/12/1949
ALLOC 72A Exmouth Junction 4w/e 13/04/1951
TOSTORE   5w/e 01/10/1953
REINS 72A Exmouth Junction 10w/e 10/12/1953
TOSTORE   6w/e 30/12/1953
REINS 72A Exmouth Junction 6w/e 22/06/1954
ALLOC 72B Salisbury 9w/e 31/10/1954
ALLOC 72A Exmouth Junction 4w/e 11/12/1954
TOSTORE 72A Exmouth Junction 8w/e 08/02/1955
REINS 72A Exmouth Junction w/e 13/06/1955
ALLOC 91S To Southern Region 5w/e 02/11/1963
ALLOC 70E Salisbury 4w/e 11/11/1963
WDN   w/e 07/05/1967

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
30/11/1947 Brighton Works : No. 21C156 Croydon and 'Austerity' 77122 have just been through shops; the former has the new pattern cab and longer deflector plates. Engines in shops in mid-November were 21C126 (new deflectors and old cab-off 21C156), 21C170 Manston fully painted), 680S, 1414, 1826/80, 2022, 2039 Hartland Point, 2083/9, 2153, 2339/66, 2436/43/55/62/89/90, 2523/46/75. For the first time for many months the shops are without an 'Austerity' and old Brighton types preponderate. It is interesting to point out that the name Croydon was borne by Rennie's 0-4-2 of 1838 (London and Croydon Ry. No. 2), but apart from this engine-which became S.E.R. No. 2 as from 31/1/1846-three engines of this name have been seen on Brighton metals as follows: Craven's 2-2-2 No. 128 which was commenced by Dodds & Son of Rotherham in 1866 and finished off at Brighton Works in June, 1871, and named Croydon by Mr. Stroudley: scrapped in 1888. Stroudley's 0-4-2 No. 181, built at Brighton (estd. Works No. 463), completed early in 1890 by R. J. Billinton, and scrapped in 1929. Bulleid's 'West Country' Class No. 21C156, completed in February, 1947, and modified in November to the 'Battle of Britain' Class (estd. Works No. 1004). SLS/194712
30/09/1948 Eastleigh Works On 30/9 Eastleigh Works was open to the public between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Locomotives on view included new 'Merchant Navy' Class No. 35021, 'Schools' Class No. 30937 and No. 34056. Croydon, the latter in the new light green. SLS/194811
02/12/1948 Brighton Works Locomotives in shops included:-Nos. 34056/64, both new green and lined (done at Eastleigh, in the summer), 20001 (ex CC1 to-day), 34088-90 (under construction), 36001 ('Leader'), 2325/39 an 32512 (ready). No. 34086, which ran trials at the end of November, is painted in the new light green and fully lined but not the panels, while the bottom of the engine and tender casing are all green and not black; the first one to be done here in this livery. SLS/194901
05/01/1949 Brighton Works Locomotives in shops included:-Nos. 2039, 2325/39/51, S2376, 2514/20, S2578, 34004/15/56/64, 21C161/63, 'Austerity' 70853, 77062/90, 78597, while under construction were:-Nos. 34090, 36001 and tenders. No. 32029 which left shops on 1/1 with plain black tanks, came back to be fully-lined and was ex shops again on 5/1. 'British Railways' lettering on engines is cancelled. SLS/194902
31/05/1965 Steam Plentiful at Clapham Junction During 2½ hours at the 'busiest junction (combined) station in the world' then a subsequent 30 mins. or so at Waterloo on an ordinary weekday evening covering the peak period at the end of May, and as then normal-though some of the Pacifics were not exactly as rostered-I noted 10 rebuilt light Pacifics on express and main line trains : Nos. 34008/13/32/47/8/56/77/85/7/101; 34077/87 had no visible name plates when passing through. Several were on 'Merchant Navy' turns including the Bournemouth 2-hr. up service due in at 4.40, about 12 mins. late; and the heavy, fast-timed 6.30 p.m. down. Only two of the large 4-6-2s: 35026/9 were seen respectively hauling the down 'Royal Wessex' and up 'Bournemouth Belle,' loaded to 11 Pullmans plus van, about 3 mins. late, signal-checked through Clapham Junction. Most were in a rather forlorn looking state externally. Of B.R. standard classes there were: 3 class 5, 4-6-0s; a class 4 2-6-0 on down freight towards Feltham; green class 3 2-6-2T No. 82006 (lately arrived from Machynlleth, Cambrian line) on two trips with the unadvertised Kensington Post Office passenger trains; two others, also two class 4 2-6-4Ts, were on Clapham Yard-Waterloo empty stock workings. The sole Southern Railway, Maunsell, engine was S15 4-6-0MT, 30838, waiting at Waterloo in evening. SLS/196507

Date Event Details Source See Also
02/1947 To Service To service as Southern Railway Number 21C156, name: CROYDON
Built at Brighton Works
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Dover Marine (DOV)    
01/06/1948 Renumbered Renumbered to 34056    
30/06/1949 Allocation Reallocated to Stewarts Lane (BAT)    
11/04/1951 Allocation Reallocated to Exmouth Junction (72A)    
06/11/1954 Allocation Reallocated to Salisbury (72B)    
11/12/1954 Allocation Reallocated to Exmouth Junction (72A)    
11/11/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Salisbury (70E)    
07/05/1967 Withdrawn Condemned as 34056    

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