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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
London and North Western Railway 449 m/e 10/1900
London, Midland & Scottish Railway (1924) 8553 m/e 10/1927
London, Midland & Scottish Railway (Dup.) 28553 m/e 05/1942
British Railways 58412 m/e 01/1949

Locomotive Specifics
Designer F. Webb
Class Cauliflowers
Company History LNWR/LMS
Wheels 0-6-0
Builder Crewe Works
Works Number 4078
To Service During 10/1900
Withdrawal w/e Sat 17/12/1955
Service Life 55 yrs, 2 mths , 17 dys

Code Name From Date
  (New) m/e 10/1900
12D Workington 2w/e 17/06/1950
12A Carlisle Upperby 4w/e 06/11/1954
   Withdrawn w/e 17/12/1955

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC 12D Workington w/e 25/12/1948
ALLOC 12C Durran Hill (Carlisle) w/e 15/01/1949
ALLOC 12D Workington w/e 10/06/1950
ALLOC 12C Durran Hill (Carlisle) w/e 15/07/1950
ALLOC 12A Carlisle Upperby 4w/e 30/10/1954
WDN   w/e 17/12/1955

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
30/09/1948 North Wales Bangor shed received on 6/9 two new Class '2P' 2-6-2T's, Nos. 41212 an 41213 . Both are in the new black livery, lined out in red, straw and grey, the numbers being on the tank sides below the cab window and not on the coal bunker as on the earlier examples of the Class. Both locomotives are fitted for 'push and pull' working, and are to work on the Amlwch and Bethseda branches. No. 41213 made her first trip on the Amlwch branch on 9/9 when she worked the 3.55 p.m. from Bangor. In spite of spending nearly ten minutes at Llangefni disposing of a loaded cattle truck and a large number of parcels and luggage, the arrival at Amlwch was only 6 minutes late. A small crowd of interested railwaymen and others witnessed her departure from Bangor. Until the arrival of these two new 2-6-2T's, traffic on the Amlwch branch has been shared between 2-6-2T No. 1200 and Webb 2-4-2T No. 46687. The latter, although so aged, puts up a good performance on the branch and was noted touching 60 m.p.h. between Gaerwen and Menai Bridge when working the 10.45 a.m. from Amlwch on 9/9. The thrice-weekly goods train on the Holland Arms-Red Wharf Bay branch is worked by either 'Cauliflower' No. 28553 or one of the two tank versions of the Class stationed at Bangor-Nos. 6899 an 6906. Trains from Bangor to Afon Wen are shortly to be worked through to Pwllheli by ex L.M.S. engines and on this account most of the 2-6-4T's at present shedded at Bangor for this duty are to be transferred else-where, since they are not suitable for working over the old Cambrian section of the former G.W.R. They are to be replaced by Stanier 2-6-2T's which will augment the few already there which include Nos. 72 an 124. 2-6-4T's at present shedded at Bangor include Nos. 2258, 2259, 2260, 2261 an 2628. Bangor's rapidly dwindling band of Webb 'coal tanks' include Nos. 7730, 7765 an 7822. Three ex L. & Y. 0-6-0's, Nos. 12119, 12176 an 12407, are also at Bangor for short distance goods haulage. SLS/194811
31/01/1949 Crewe Works Locomotives entering Works during January included Nos. C.D. No. 7, 2236, 2428/46/53/74, 2562/79/80/98, 2624/74/85/86, 4777, 4812/23/68/76, 4965, 5103/6/29/49, 5200/22/84/94, 5317/18/53/54/72/75/83, 5427/49, 5516/24/94/98, 5650/65/84, 5719, 6111/18/22/28/45/46/64, 6204/50, 7181, 7937/51/73/81/85, 8007/80/93/96, 8177/99, 8220/5, 8327/38/45/47, 8417/24/35/42, 8501/2, 8607/28/49, 8705/23/70, 8892/4, 8909/35, 9217/27/90, 9386, 25673, 27591, 27635, 28337, 42150, 42225, 42458, 42589, 42619, 44753/66, 44822/70, 45027/76, 45513/30/65/72/89, 45618/60/85, 45721, 46220/21/29/39, 46603, 48004, 48114, 49307. During the past month new construction accounted for a further six Class '5' 4-6-0's of Order E472. They were completed as follows:- Nos. 44729 (7/1), 44730 (12/1), 44731 (17/1), 44732 (24/1), 44733 (28/1) and 44734 (3/2); the last three engines of this order are already in an advanced state of completion. The latest 'Patriot' Class 4-6-0 to be rebuilt is No. 45522-completed on 21/1; at the present time no more are in hand.
Since the cessation of hostilities the former L.M.S.Rly. have fitted several different types of speedometer to certain of their 4-6-0 locomotives. These experiments were carried a stage further last month when during W.E. 22/1 Class '7P' No. 46257 was fitted with a Smiths type speedometer driven from the pony truck axle, the generator being mounted on the left-hand axlebox.
Ex L.N.W. 'Cauliflower' 0-6-0's. Nos. 58409/12 were fitted for snowplough duties during the same week. The equipment includes ex-tended cab roofs, and look-out windows (similar to those seen on many brake vans) mounted on the cab sides.
Since October last, several 'Dean' 0-6-0 pannier tanks have undergone heavy repairs here; those having passed through Works to date include Nos. 2021/67, 2100/09/11/15/27/50/84/85. All have had their numberplates painted red, with the numerals scoured bright. Another ex L. & Y. 0-6-0ST has been added to the stud of Works' shunting locomotives-No. 11444, which now brings the total of ex L. & Y. engines represented to three.

Date Event Details Source See Also
10/1900 To Service To service as London and North Western Railway Number 449
Built at Crewe Works, Works Number 4078
10/1927 Renumbered Renumbered to 8553    
05/1942 Renumbered Renumbered to 28553    
01/1949 Renumbered Renumbered to 58412    
17/06/1950 Allocation Reallocated to Workington (12D)    
06/11/1954 Allocation Reallocated to Carlisle Upperby (12A)    
17/12/1955 Withdrawn Condemned as 58412    

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