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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
London and North Western Railway 42 m/e 08/1920
London, Midland & Scottish Railway 6004 m/e 11/1926
British Railways 46004 m/e Not applied

Names Carried
Date From Name

Locomotive Specifics
Designer C. Cooke
Class Claughton
Company History LNWR/LMS
Wheels 4-6-0
Builder Crewe Works
To Service During 08/1920
Withdrawal w/e Sat 23/04/1949
Service Life 28 yrs, 8 mths , 23 dys

Code Name From Date
  (New) m/e 08/1920
   Withdrawn w/e 23/04/1949

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
WDN   w/e 23/04/1949

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced
Date Modified Modification
04/1928 Large boiler fitted

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
21/10/1943 Last Claughton ventures south The last remaining 'Claughton' No. 6004 (formerly Princess Louise) came up on a van train on 21/10/43, returning next day on a down goods. This engine rarely comes south nowadays, and this might well turn out to have been the last appearance of this class in London. SLS/194401
05/11/1945 Rugby MPD The following were noted on 5/11: 4220 (25D), 7416 (5B), and 7575 (24B). On 13/11 6004 worked a Euston-Birmingham express, passing Rugby in fine style. This is the first time for many years that a Claughton has been seen on these services, and may well be the last. SLS/194601
27/03/1947 Chester General Station 6004, the Claughton survivor, was at Chester the same day (27/3/47), waiting for a , Liverpool working. SLS/194705
30/04/1947 Watford Area Watford, having lost all the ex L.N.W.R. 0-6-2T's viz: Nos. 6869, 6871, and 6909, their miscellaneous duties are now performed by the three 2-6-2T's Nos. 10, 20, and 43. The latter have consequently been taken off their regular work on the St. Albans branch, which is now in the hands of 2-4-2T's Nos. 6686, 6725 and 6729. These are the only Webb engines still left in the London area. The Stanmore branch is operated-by the two 0-4-4T's Nos. 1908 and 1909. The two Jinty's (Nos. 7327 and 7359) which were recently at Watford for several months, have now returned to Willesden. Apart from the still numerous 0-8-0's ex L.N.W.R. engines are now extremely rare on the old L.N.W.R. main line. The last 'Claughton' No. 6004 has made two appearances in London, on 3rd February and again on 18th March. The 'Princes' at Bletchley work mainly on the Oxford and Cambridge branches and seldom come to London since their last regular turn, the 6.35 a.m. ex Bletchley returning with 5.25 p.m. ex Euston, was turned over to a class 5 working at the end of last year. The poor old 'Princes' in their present deplorable state of maintenance could not keep time with the somewhat smartly timed 5.25 p.m., invariably losing anything from 5 to 20 minutes, according to the particular engine and the enthusiasm-or lack of it-of the driver. As a regular traveller by this train one cannot really regret their replacement, apart from the sentimental aspect. SLS/194706
06/02/1948 Derby Station The last of the 'Claughton's': 'Claughton' 4-6-0 Class '5XP' No. 6004 (8A) visited Derby on 6/2. No. 6004 arrived light engine from Rowsley, and then worked a block coal train from Derby to the Western Division via Market Harborough. It would be interesting to know when a 'Claughton' last worked up the Midland main line SLS/194804
31/03/1949 Crewe Works During the past month a further seven Class '5' 4-6-0's-Nos. 44718-24 inclusive-have been put into traffic, painted black with red, cream and grey lining but carrying neither lettering nor crests on the tender sides. No. 46202 recently returned to traffic. The engine was run in on trips from Crewe to Shrewsbury during W/E 19/3, and returned to the regular London-Liverpool working the following week. Since then, however, it is reported to have failed again at Camden, details are not known.
Dynamometer car trials were carried out with Class '4' 2-6-0 No. 43027 on the Crewe-Holyhead line during W/E 9/4; the dynamometer car used was No. 1. Locomotives entering Works during March included:-Nos. 42227/52, 2263/66, 2432/54/80, 2541/44/63, 2611/13/42/50/57/60/73, 44745, 4775, 4819/72/97, 4911/39/63, 44984, 5046/54/88, 45091, 5110/45, 45195, 45229/34, 5244, 45264, 5269/96/7/8, 45326, 5343/82/84, 5408, 5501, 45520, 5556, 45568, 5591, 45597, 5659/70, 45676/90/99, 5703/35, 6004, 46100, 6103/10/13/21, 46134, 6155/56, 46160/63, 6169, 6206/27, 46231, 6235/50/1/2/5, 7972, 47982, 7994/95, 8026/75, 8112/50/57, 8206/70, 8301/2/3/17/24/31/50/61/67, 8495, 8522, 8610/45/91, 48696, 8770, 8906/18, 9042/52/74, 9110/11/66/85, 9210/59/63/89/96/97, 9305/29/40/63/81, 9419/27/29, 28619, 58889 and 2-10-0 73788 (65F).

Date Event Details Source See Also
08/1920 To Service To service as London and North Western Railway Number 42
Built at Crewe Works
02/1922 Naming Named 'PRINCESS LOUISE'    
11/1926 Renumbered Renumbered to 6004    
04/1928 Modification Modification: Large boiler fitted    
1948 Number Allocated Allocated number 46004 but not taken up    
23/04/1949 Withdrawn Condemned as 6004    

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