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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
BR 80038 on 07/06/1952

Locomotive Specifics
Designer R. Riddles
Class Standard Class 4 Tank
Company History BR
Wheels 2-6-4T
Builder Brighton Works
To Service Mon 07/06/1952 to Watford (1C)
Withdrawal Mon 07/09/1964
Scrapping During 04/1965 at Cashmore's (Newport)
Service Life 12 yrs , 3 mths

Code Name From Date
1C Watford (New) 07/06/1952
73F Ashford 5w/e 31/12/1959
73J Tonbridge 3w/e 26/05/1961
72A Exmouth Junction 5w/e 02/07/1962
72C Yeovil Town 4w/e 27/07/1963
83D Exmouth Junction 4w/e 28/09/1963
   Withdrawn 07/09/1964

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
NEW 1C Watford w/e 07/06/1952
ALLOC 91S To Southern Region 5w/e 02/01/1960
ALLOC 73J Tonbridge 3w/e 26/05/1961
ALLOC 72A Exmouth Junction 4w/e 25/06/1962
ALLOC 72C Yeovil Town 4w/e 27/07/1963
ALLOC 83D Exmouth Junction 4w/e 29/09/1963
WDN   3w/e 14/09/1964

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
30/06/1952 Southern Miscellany New standard Class '4' 2-6-4Ts for service elsewhere continue to be completed at Brighton and run in from the shed there, including journeys on the evening through train to Tonbridge and back, Nos. 80036-9 being recently noted.
New Crewe-built Class '2' 2-6-2Ts numbered 41310-2 allocated to Faversham are the first of the type to operate in East Kent. In addition to Sheerness branch and associated short main line trips they also work to Dover. Nos. 41313-5 commenced running from Brighton to Lewes, Eastbourne, and etc., during June when Nos. 41316-7 were expected soon to be ready as part of the allocation of the last four to Eastbourne which may include duties from St. Leonards.
There is an 'E' Class Wainwright 4-4-0 still carrying Southern Railway number preceded by an 's'-s1491 stationed at Redhill at the time of writing. For several days it operated the through Tonbridge-Eastbourne turn in place of the Class '2' Eastbourne L.M.R. tank, also running to Reading and Tonbridge or Ashford. The other two remaining un-rebuilt 'Es' work from Faversham and Gillingham, the latter including duty 225 running from Tonbridge to Redhill, then after an interval to Reading and back. There is also Guildford duty 225 (Western Section) to be found on the Redhill-Reading line, a Drummond L.S.W.R. 4-4-0 turn.
'U' Class 2-6-0s have been noted working through from Andover to Cheltenham, M.S.W. Junction route, also together with S.R. 0-6-0s through Reading to Oxford or Banbury.
Two lined black 'E3' 0-6-2Ts really belonging to a Goods Class are Nos. 32166, 32459.
On June 7th, the advance portion of the Birkenhead-Hastings train was hauled by Atlantic No. 32422, North Foreland, which made a fast run with nine coaches from Redhill to Brighton (having been to Kensington,. Olympia, in the morning on the up relief routed via High Wycombe); 'L' Class 4-4-0, 31769 Brighton-Eastbourne; standard 2-6-4T, 80017 on to Hastings which worked goods back to Polegate at night. Atlantics will no doubt play a valuable part in haulage of summer trains to and from Brighton and Newhaven again this summer. One sometimes goes up light early on Saturday mornings from Newhaven to haul a relief boat express back from Victoria.
Continental freight trains often formed to a considerable extent with braked, dual fitted Italian or similar European waggons are run several times daily each way between Dover and Southwark Depot or other London yard with timings occupying 2½-3 hr. according to route with a service stop, loaded or empty, with not less than one-third fully braked. 'King Arthur' locomotives are often employed. Their maximum load via Tonbridge is 425 tons; with light Pacifics, 500 tons; 'N' Class Mogul, 400 and so on. On account of the severity of grading, loads are reduced if Chatham or Maidstone (East) routes used.
A light Pacific has been turned at Eastbourne Shed though only with difficulty.
28/07/1961 Ashford Works (Erecting Shop) Erecting Shop: 31263, 31621/5, 31804/33/58, 31905/12, 33011/16, 80038 ; being cut up-31575, 32563. Works Yard: 30904/14/29/33/8, 31162, 31247/56, 31507, 31720/59/80, also 30932/9 and 32410/565; SLS/196109

Date Event Details Source See Also
07/06/1952 To Service To service as British Railways Number 80038
Built at Brighton Works
Allocated to Watford (1C)
31/12/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Ashford (73F)    
26/05/1961 Allocation Reallocated to Tonbridge (73J)    
02/07/1962 Allocation Reallocated to Exmouth Junction (72A)    
27/07/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Yeovil Town (72C)    
28/09/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Exmouth Junction (83D)    
07/09/1964 Withdrawn Condemned as 80038    

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