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D16/2 1Co-Co1

Class Types
1955 Class D16/2
Pre-Tops Class 16/9

Year Introduced 1950
Wheel Arrangement 1Co-Co1
Ashford Works 2
Brighton Works 1
Number Range (as built) 10201-3
Number Built 3

Copyright: cabsaab900 (02/07/1961)
D16/2a D16/2b
Year Introduced 1950 1954
Maximum Speed 85mph
As D16/2a
Number Built 2 1
Number Range (as built) 10201-2 10203
Sanding Equipment Pneumatic
As D16/2a
Route Availability 6
As D16/2a
Brake Type (loco - as built) Air
As D16/2a
Brake Type (train - as built) Vacuum
As D16/2a

D16/2a D16/2b
Weight 135t 0cwt 132t 0cwt
Wheel Diameter 3' 7"
As D16/2a
Pony Wheel Diameter 3' 1"
As D16/2a
Length 63' 9"
As D16/2a
Height 13' 1"
As D16/2a
Width 9' 3"
As D16/2a
Wheelbase 55' 6"
As D16/2a
Bogie Wheelbase 23' 6"
As D16/2a
Bogie Pivot Centres 28' 6"
As D16/2a
Minimum Curve 5
As D16/2a

D16/2a D16/2b
Power Unit English Electric 16SVT English Electric 16SVT Mk 11
Tractive Effort 48,000lbs 50,000lbs
Horse Power 1750hp 2000hp
Power at Rail 1,300hp 1,550hp
Main Generator English Electric EE822/1B English Electric EE822/1B

D16/2a D16/2b
Transmission Type Electric Electric
Traction Motor Number 6
As D16/2a
Traction Motor Type English Electric EE526A
As D16/2a
Gear Ratio 19:61
As D16/2a

D16/2a D16/2b
Heating Type Steam Steam
Boiler Spanner ? Laidlaw Drew 2000lb/h Boiler
Boiler Water Capacity 880gal 840gal

Fuel, Lubricants, Water
D16/2a D16/2b
Fuel Capacity 1,150gal 1,180gal
Coolant Capacity 280gal
As D16/2a
Lubrication Oil Capacity 16gal
As D16/2a