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LSWR/SR Adams "T1" Class 0-4-4T

Class Types
LSWR Class T1

Designer William Adams
Introduced 1888
Pre-Grouping Company London and South Western Railway
Grouping Company Southern Railway
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-4T
Number Built as T1 50
Number Scrapped 50
Number Preserved 0
First in Service 06/1888
Last in Service 05/1951
Nine Elms Works 50
BuilderSponsorOrder #DateSize
Nine Elms Works  T1 23/11/1887 20
Nine Elms Works  F6 29/03/1893 10
Nine Elms Works  S6 21/02/1894 10
Nine Elms Works  A7 13/06/1894 10

Copyright: Ben Brooksbank
T1/a T1/b
Variant Introduced 1888 1893
Miscellaneous Differences Steam chest below cylinders. Steam chest between cylinders, Adams one-piece cast stove pipe chimney, reduced side tank (1,000) offset by 200g well tank under bunker.
Tractive Effort 17,099lbs
As T1/a
Inside Cylinders 18" x 26" (2 off)
As T1/a

T1/a T1/b
Drivers 5' 7"
As T1/a
Truck 3'
As T1/a
Total Wheelbase 23'
As T1/a
Descriptive Wheelbase 8' 0" + 10' 0" + 5' 0" = 23' 0"
As T1/a

T1/a T1/b
Length (over buffers) 35' 112"
As T1/a
Weight (in running order) 53t 0cwt 55t 2cwt
Adhesive Weight 35t 0cwt 34t 9cwt
Maximum Axle Load 18t 0cwt 20t 10cwt
Water Capacity 1,200gal
As T1/a
Coal Capacity 2t 0cwt
As T1/a

Boiler & Firebox
T1/a T1/b
Boiler Max Diameter 4' 4"
As T1/a
Boiler Barrel Length 11'
As T1/a
Boiler Pressure 160lbs
As T1/a
Firebox Type Round Top
As T1/a
Firebox Length 6'
As T1/a
Firebox Grate Area 17ft2
As T1/a
Firebox Heating Surface 110ft2
As T1/a
Tube Number 216
As T1/a
Tube Diameter 134"
As T1/a
Tube Area 1121ft2
As T1/a
Total Evaporative Area 1231ft2
As T1/a
Total Heating Area 1231ft2
As T1/a