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LNWR/LMS Webb "Iron Duke" Class 4-4-0

Class Types
LNWR Class Iron Duke

Designer Francis Webb
Introduced 1897
Pre-Grouping London and North Western Railway
Big Four London, Midland & Scottish Railway
Wheels 4-4-0
Number Built as Iron Duke 2
Conversions to other classes 2
First in Service 06/1897
Last in Service 05/1898
Crewe Works 2
BuilderSponsorOrder #DateSize
Crewe Works  n/a 06/1897 2
Historical Data Webb built 2 4-4-0 locomotives for comparison purposes. The first was a four cylinder simple but the second was a four cylinder compound with 2 low pressure cylinders between the frames. They were quickly both rebuilt to a new specification as 4 cylinder compounds with larger low pressure cylinders and higher boiler pressure. The first engine was renamed Jubilee and became the prototype of the Jubilee class.
Later in their career they were both rebuilt again by George Whale into 2 cylinder simple 4-4-0 Renown class.

Simple Compound
Variant Introduced 1897 1897
Miscellaneous Differences 4 cylinder simple 4 cylinder compound
Inside Cylinders 19.5" x 24" (2 off) 15" x 24" (2 off)
Inside Valves Piston Piston
Inside Motion   Joy
Outside Cylinders 19.5" x 24" (2 off) 19.5" x 24" (2 off)
Outside Valves Slide Slide
Outside Motion Joy Joy

Simple Compound
Pony 3' 9"
As Simple
Drivers 7' 1"
As Simple
Locomotive Wheelbase 26' 414"
As Simple
Descriptive Wheelbase 6' 3" + 10' 4½" + 9' 8¾" = 26' 4¼" (engine only)
As Simple

Simple Compound
Weight (loco only) 55t 0cwt
As Simple

Boiler & Firebox
Simple Compound
Boiler Diagram ?
As Simple
Boiler Max Diameter 4' 278"
As Simple
Boiler Barrel Length 11'
As Simple
Boiler Pressure 175lbs
As Simple
Total Heating Area 1400.4ft2
As Simple