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NER/LNER Raven "B16" Class 4-6-0

Designer Sir Vincent Raven
Introduced 1919
Pre-Grouping North Eastern Railway
Big Four London and North Eastern Railway
Description (1957) Classes B16, B16/2, B16/3. North Eastern 3-cylinder mixed traffic 4-6-0's, built 1919-24 with 5'8" wheels. Originally a class of 70 engines, one of which was destroyed in an air raid, but the remainder were still running in 1956. In 1949 the first ten were renumbered 61469-61478 in consequence of the construction of further B1's, by which time class B9 had become extinct. Classes B16/2 and B16/3 are rebuilds of class B16 with Walschaert's gear and higher running plates. Twenty-four of the class have been rebuilt in this form. The earlier rebuilds, dating from 1937, have Gresley's double Walschaert gear and derived motion from the inside cylinder. Those altered by Thompson from 1944 onwards have three independent Walschaert gears.
Wheels 4-6-0
Number Built as B16 70
First in Service 12/1919
Last in Service 21/07/1964
Darlington Works 70

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B16/1 B16/2 B16/3
Variant Introduced 1919 1937 1944

B16/1 B16/2 B16/3

B16/1 B16/2 B16/3

Boiler & Firebox
B16/1 B16/2 B16/3