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LNER Gresley "B17" Class 4-6-0

Class Types
LNER Class B17

Designer Sir Nigel Gresley
Introduced 1928
Big Four London and North Eastern Railway
Description (1957) Classes B17 and B2. Gresley's Sandringham 3-cylinder 4-6-0's, built 1928-37 as Class B17, with 6'8" wheels and 3 cylinders, 17½ X 26 ins. Since 1945 a number of these locomotives have been rebuilt as class B2 with two 20 X 26 ins. cylinders and B1-type boilers, which are also now carried by some of the unconverted 3-cylinder engines. This class is found with varying types of tenders of G.E.R., N.E.R. and L.N.E.R. origin. In 1937 two of the class, Nos. 61659 and 61670 were streamlined similar to the A4 Pacifics for working the 'East Anglian' between London and Norwich. In this form they were classified B17/5. The streamlining was removed in 1951 and the engines became class B17/6, the sub-division of the class as applied to those locomotives now carrying the Bl-type boiler.
Wheels 4-6-0
Number Built as B17 73
First in Service 11/1928
Last in Service 22/08/1960
Darlington Works 52
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow 10
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn Ltd 11

Copyright: Gerald Robinson
B17/1 B17/2 B17/3 B17/4 B17/5 B17/6
Variant Introduced 1928 1930 1935 1936 1937 1943

B17/1 B17/2 B17/3 B17/4 B17/5 B17/6

B17/1 B17/2 B17/3 B17/4 B17/5 B17/6

Boiler & Firebox
B17/1 B17/2 B17/3 B17/4 B17/5 B17/6