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GCR/LNER Robinson "D11" Class 4-4-0

Class Types
GCR Class 11F

Designer John Robinson
Introduced 1919
Pre-Grouping Company Great Central Railway
Grouping Company London and North Eastern Railway
Description (1957) Class D11/1. Enlarged 'Directors', a class of 11 engines built 1920-22. All of the class still in service in 1957.

Class D11/2 consisting of subsequent additions to class D11/1, built in 1924 with cut-down boiler mountings for service in Scotland. All still running in 1957. Both classes D10 and D11 originally had straight framing and coupling-rod splashers, the latter being later removed and the framing cut away to render the coupling rods more easily accessible.
Wheel Arrangement 4-4-0
Number Built as D11 35
First in Service 12/1919
Last in Service 15/01/1962
Gorton Works 11
Kitson 12
Armstrong Whitworth 12

Copyright: 53A Models
D11/1 D11/2
Variant Introduced 1919 1924

D11/1 D11/2

D11/1 D11/2

Boiler & Firebox
D11/1 D11/2