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NER/LNER Worsdell "J25" Class 0-6-0

Class Types
NER Class P1
LNER Class J25

Designer Wilson Worsdell
Rebuilt By Raven
Introduced 1898
Pre-Grouping North Eastern Railway
Big Four London and North Eastern Railway
Description (1957) Class J25, a slightly larger version of class J24 consisting of 120 engines built between 1898 and 1902. Both classes were designed purely for freight working and have no continuous brakes. Some of the class were superheated. In 1957 about thirty engines were still in traffic.
Wheels 0-6-0
Number Built as J25 120
Number Scrapped 120
Number Preserved 0
First in Service 05/1898
Last in Service 18/06/1962
Darlington Works 40
Gateshead Works 80
BuilderSponsorOrder #DateSize
Gateshead Works  n/a 1898 20
Gateshead Works  n/a 1898 20
Darlington Works  n/a 1899 20
Darlington Works  n/a 1899 20
Gateshead Works  n/a 1900 20
Gateshead Works  n/a 1902 20

Variant Introduced 1898



Boiler & Firebox
Boiler Diagram 67 (Saturated)
Boiler Max Diameter 4' 3"
Boiler Barrel Length 10' 7"
Boiler Pressure 160lbs
Firebox Length 6'
Firebox Grate Area 17.2ft2
Firebox Heating Surface 108ft2
Tube Number 205
Tube Diameter 134"
Tube Area 1025ft2
Total Evaporative Area 1133ft2
Total Heating Area 1133ft2