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GER/LNER Holden "J67" Class 0-6-0T

Class Types
GER Class R24
GER Class R24 RBT
LNER Class J67

Designer James Holden
Introduced 1890
Pre-Grouping Great Eastern Railway
Big Four London and North Eastern Railway
Description (1957) Classes J67 and J69. G.E.R. Holden 4'0" 0-6-0Ts, originally a class of 160 engines, built 1886-1904. There are many minor variations in this series and many of the locomotives have been rebuilt between the two classes, in some instances more than once. The main difference in external appearance between classes J67 and J69 lies in the larger tanks of the latter class. Over 100 engines still in service in 1957.
Wheels 0-6-0T
Number Built as J67 140
First in Service 03/1890
Last in Service 16/09/1962
Stratford Works 143
BuilderSponsorOrder #DateSize
Stratford Works  R24 01/1890 10
Stratford Works  S24 02/1890 10
Stratford Works  A26 09/1890 10
Stratford Works  B26 10/1890 10
Stratford Works  P29 12/1891 10
Stratford Works  N33 02/1892 10
Stratford Works  R29 02/1892 10
Stratford Works  F36 08/1895 10
Stratford Works  Y36 10/1895 10
Stratford Works  C37 02/1896 10
Stratford Works  H45 01/1899 10
Stratford Works  G47 10/1899 10
Stratford Works  S48 04/1900 10
Stratford Works  R50 04/1901 10

J67/1 J67/2
Variant Introduced 1890 1912
Tractive Effort 16,970lbs
As J67/1
Inside Cylinders 16.5" x 22" (2 off)
As J67/1
Inside Valves Slide
As J67/1
Inside Motion Stephenson
As J67/1

J67/1 J67/2
Drivers 4'
As J67/1
Total Wheelbase 13' 10"
As J67/1
Descriptive Wheelbase 6' 4" + 7' 6" = 13' 10"
As J67/1

J67/1 J67/2
Length (over buffers) 27' 8"
As J67/1
Weight (in running order) 40t 0cwt 41t 2cwt
Maximum Axle Load 14t 0cwt
As J67/1
Water Capacity 1,000gal 1,140gal
Coal Capacity 2t 5cwt
As J67/1

Boiler & Firebox
J67/1 J67/2
Boiler Diagram 39
As J67/1
Boiler Max Diameter 4' 2"
As J67/1
Boiler Barrel Length 9' 1"
As J67/1
Boiler Pressure 160lbs
As J67/1
Boiler Pitch 6' 9"
As J67/1
Firebox Length 4' 6"
As J67/1
Firebox Grate Area 12.4ft2
As J67/1
Firebox Heating Surface 78ft2
As J67/1
Tube Number 227
As J67/1
Tube Diameter 158"
As J67/1
Tube Area 909.4ft2
As J67/1
Total Evaporative Area 987.4ft2
As J67/1