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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
British Railways 46442 m/e 02/1950

Locomotive Specifics
Designer H. Ivatt
Class 2MT
Company History LMS
Wheels 2-6-0
Builder Crewe Works
To Service During 02/1950
Withdrawal w/e Sat 08/10/1966
Service Life 16 yrs, 8 mths , 7 dys

Scrapping During 01/1967 at Cashmore's (Newport)

Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
    (New) m/e 02/1950
12D   Kirkby Stephen w/e 07/05/1960
12F   Workington w/e 09/07/1960
21B   Bescot w/e 06/01/1962
2A   Rugby w/e 01/12/1962
6H   Bangor w/e 09/03/1963
6C   Croes Newydd w/e 01/02/1964
2L   Leamington w/e 24/10/1964
2A   Tyseley w/e 19/06/1965
     Withdrawn w/e 08/10/1966

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
NEW 23A Bank Hall w/e 11/02/1950
LOAN 12D Kirkby Stephen 4w/e 28/05/1960
ALLOC 12D Kirkby Stephen 5w/e 02/07/1960
ALLOC 12F Workington 4w/e 30/07/1960
ALLOC 21B Bescot 4w/e 27/01/1962
ALLOC 2A Rugby 4w/e 01/12/1962
ALLOC 6H Bangor 4w/e 30/03/1963
ALLOC 6C Croes Newydd 3w/e 01/02/1964
ALLOC 2L Leamington 4w/e 07/11/1964
ALLOC 2A Tyseley 4w/e 10/07/1965
WDN   w/e 08/10/1966

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
02/07/1960 Barnard Castle-Kirkby Stephen-Penrith and Tebay Goods traffic (except for local pick-up Kirkby Stephen-Penrith) ceased after Sat. 2nd July, and the last goods train over the 'top' (i.e. Stainmoor summit) was hauled by 46422 an 46442 which worked from Kirkby Stephen to West Aukland and back. On 21st August only 46449, 46458 an 46470 were left on Kirkby Stephen shed which now has one duty left; in addition a standby engine is needed on Saturdays till the Blackpool trains finish. The diesel service to Penrith will continue in the Winter t.t. as it is understood that B.R. have to establish with the T.U.C.C. that the line is uneconomic now there is no goods traffic, before the line can be wholly closed (except for the Kirkby Stephen-Appleby section). SLS/196009
28/02/1962 Bescot MPD In addition to 46442/56 ex 12F other 64XX class to arrive are *46428/48 from 8F and 46470 from the N.E.R. (*STOP PRESS-These two were transferred to Bushbury on 20th March.) SLS/196204
14/08/1963 Crewe Works (Erecting Shop) Erecting Shop: D1030-34, D1073, D1550-58 UC (in various stages), D202/24/32/36/87, D316, 46230, 46442, 44812/96, 44936, 45070/94, 45310/40, 45421/31, 48121/64, 48766, 70018/50, 73166, 90384, 92014/56/83/105/113/133/154/167/173/191. Outside Erecting Shop: 44674, 45414/51, 48409, 82038, 12134/240. Stripped down in Yard: 92084/132/151/162. Dismantling Shed: 49448, 64791, 64907, 90095. On Scrap Road: 63808/17/65. Yard: D215/98, D338/344, 42151, 44826/909/81, 45218/305/398, 48035/133/296/751/770, 70004/21, 73025, 75000, 84012, 92100. Electric and Diesel Shop: 26057, 27002/4. Paint Shop: D1069/70/71/72, 45295, 45573, 49395, 26010, 1439 and Lion. Outside Paint Shop: D227/90, D335/79, D8007/21, 45283, 48502/618/709, 70020, 92020/40/86/123/192. On 21st July, Royal Scot 46151 was in the dismantling shed being broken-up, and 46152 was in the erecting shop having a casual. SLS/196309

Date Event Details Source See Also
02/1950 To Service To service as British Railways Number 46442
Built at Crewe Works
07/05/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Kirkby Stephen (12D)    
09/07/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Workington (12F)    
06/01/1962 Allocation Reallocated to Bescot (21B)    
01/12/1962 Allocation Reallocated to Rugby (2A)    
09/03/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Bangor (6H)    
01/02/1964 Allocation Reallocated to Croes Newydd (6C)    
24/10/1964 Allocation Reallocated to Leamington (2L)    
19/06/1965 Allocation Reallocated to Tyseley (2A)    
08/10/1966 Withdrawn Condemned as 46442    
01/1967 Scrapped Broken up by Cashmore's: Newport    

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