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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
London, Midland & Scottish Railway 98 on 29/05/1935
British Railways 40098 m/e 11/1948

Locomotive Specifics
Designer W. Stanier
Class 3P
Company History LMS
Wheels 2-6-2T
Builder Derby Works
To Service Sat 29/05/1935
Withdrawal w/e Sat 17/11/1962
Service Life 27 yrs, 5 mths , 19 dys

Scrapping Tue 05/02/1963

Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
    (New) on 29/05/1935
14B   Kentish Town on 01/01/1948 (Snapshot)
14A   Cricklewood East w/e 10/09/1949
14B   Kentish Town 4w/e 31/12/1950
86K   Abergavenny 4w/e 31/03/1952
86G   Pontypool Road 4w/e 09/10/1954
86K   Tredegar 8w/e 26/03/1955
82E   Bristol Barrow Road 4w/e 26/03/1960
82G   Templecombe (S&D) 4w/e 31/12/1960
6A   Chester (MR) on 23/04/1961
6G   Llandudno Junction w/e 16/06/1962
     Withdrawn w/e 17/11/1962

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC 14B Kentish Town w/e 12/07/1947
ALLOC 14A Cricklewood East w/e 10/09/1949
ALLOC 14B Kentish Town m/e 31/12/1950
LOAN 86K Abergavenny w/e 16/02/1952
ALLOC 86G Pontypool Road 4w/e 09/10/1954
ALLOC 86K Tredegar 4w/e 26/03/1955
ALLOC 86K Tredegar 4w/e 10/09/1955
ALLOC 82E Bristol Barrow Road 4w/e 26/03/1960
ALLOC 82G Templecombe (S&D) 4w/e 31/12/1960
ALLOC 91M To London Midland Region m/e 30/04/1961
ALLOC 6A Chester (MR) 5w/e 06/05/1961
ALLOC 6G Llandudno Junction 4w/e 30/06/1962
WDN   w/e 17/11/1962

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
21/06/1959 Tredegar MPD The Barry Island Sunday excursions, for so long worked by ex-L.N.W. 0-8-0s from this shed are now worked by 66XX tanks. On shed at Tredegar, 21st June were-3700 (86K), 5727, 5768 (86B), 6439 (86A), 6600, 9662, 40098 (86K), 40161 (stored), 40171 (86K), 41201/4. SLS/195907
22/08/1959 Tredegar MPD (in store at Newport Pill) Following the allocation of 3712, 7736/87, 8711 an 9662 (w.e. 22/8) the former LMS engines are now in store at Newport Pill viz. 40098/161/71, 41201/4. 40091/145, formerly stored at Pontypool Road, have been returned to the LMR and are at Blackpool and Southport. SLS/195910
03/06/1961 Chester MPD As reported elsewhere, the GW shed has been converted to a diesel depot; the LNW shed contains the recently transferred 2-6-2Ts 40085/6/98/110/26/171/205, all stored. SLS/196107

Date Event Details Source See Also
29/05/1935 To Service To service as London, Midland & Scottish Railway Number 98
Built at Derby Works
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Kentish Town (14B)    
11/1948 Renumbered Renumbered to 40098    
10/09/1949 Allocation Reallocated to Cricklewood East (14A)    
31/12/1950 Allocation Reallocated to Kentish Town (14B)    
31/03/1952 Allocation Reallocated to Abergavenny (86K)    
09/10/1954 Allocation Reallocated to Pontypool Road (86G)    
26/03/1955 Allocation Reallocated to Tredegar (86K)    
26/03/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Bristol Barrow Road (82E)    
31/12/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Templecombe (S&D) (82G)    
23/04/1961 Allocation Reallocated to Chester (MR) (6A)    
16/06/1962 Allocation Reallocated to Llandudno Junction (6G)    
17/11/1962 Withdrawn Condemned as 40098    
05/02/1963 Scrapped Scrapped    

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