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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
London, Midland & Scottish Railway 1204 w/e 21/12/1946
British Railways 41204 m/e 01/1949

Locomotive Specifics
Designer H. Ivatt
Class 2MT
Company History LMS
Wheels 2-6-2T
Builder Crewe Works
To Service w/e Mon 21/12/1946 to Crewe North (5A)
Withdrawal During 11/1966
Service Life 19 yrs, 10 mths , 10 dys

Scrapping During 04/1967

Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
5A   Crewe North (New) w/e 21/12/1946
4E   Tredegar on 01/01/1948 (Snapshot)
89A   Oswestry 4w/e 28/11/1959
84H   Wellington 4w/e 30/01/1960
84D   Leamington 4w/e 03/12/1960
84H   Wellington 4w/e 25/03/1961
5A   Crewe North w/e 22/06/1963
2L   Leamington w/e 07/03/1964
5A   Crewe North w/e 13/06/1964
6H   Bangor w/e 20/06/1964
6C   Croes Newydd w/e 25/07/1964
6G   Llandudno Junction w/e 12/06/1965
9B   Stockport Edgeley w/e 14/08/1965
     Withdrawn m/e 11/1966

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC 89A Oswestry 4w/e 28/11/1959
ALLOC 84H Wellington 4w/e 30/01/1960
ALLOC 84D Leamington 4w/e 03/12/1960
ALLOC 84H Wellington 4w/e 25/03/1961
ALLOC 5A Crewe North 5w/e 06/07/1963
ALLOC 2L Leamington 5w/e 07/03/1964
ALLOC 6H Bangor 5w/e 11/07/1964
ALLOC 6C Croes Newydd 4w/e 08/08/1964
ALLOC 6G Llandudno Junction 5w/e 12/06/1965
ALLOC 9B Stockport Edgeley 5w/e 11/09/1965
WDN   w/e 03/12/1966

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
31/10/1947 Abergavenny MPD Abergavenny-Merthyr Section (ex L.N.W. Ry.): New 2-6-2T Nos. 1202/4 are now working regularly on this section, while No. 1203 is shedded at Tredegar for the Sirhowy Valley line; and returns to Abergavenny Junction shed for washout on Sundays. Thus, the old Webb 0-6-2 'Coal' tanks have once more been displaced and only the 2.20 p.m. ex Abergavenny Junction (returning with the 4.43 p.m. from Merthyr) is rostered for a 'Coal' tank; actually the train has lately had ex L.N.W.R. 0-8-0's, on account of the extreme shortage of 'Coal' tanks. The latter type are used for banking G.W.R. trains northwards from Abergavenny, and despite their age may come into their own again in the winter months when, some train crews think, the new 2-6-2T will not manage the very long banks of about 1 in 40. During the week-end September 13/14 only two 0-8-4T (ex. L.N.W.R.) were on Abergavenny Junction shed. They were Nos. 7937 an 7944. It is understood that only two are allocated here; this is a considerable reduction when compared with the 1930's when eighteen* of the class were allocated to this shed (for supplying both Blaenavon and Tredegar). The class has never been permitted beyond Morlais Junc. (B. & M. Ry. Junc.) into Merthyr-at least on paper! This also applies to Class '7F' ex L.N.W.R. 0-8-0's Nos. 9395-9454. *In 1932 Nos. 7930-7946 and 7956 were allocated to W31 (Abergavenny) of which six were sub-shedded at W31T (Tredegar) and one at W31B (Blaenavon). Nos. 7947/8 were then at W33 (Swansea) and 7949-55/7-9 were at W26 (Edge Hill). SLS/194712
27/12/1947 Abergavenny Abergavenny-Merthyr Section (ex L.N.W.R.): No ex L.N.W.R. type 0-8-4T's are now stationed at Abergavenny or Tredegar. During the w/e 27/12, new 2-6-2T No. 1204 was at Tredegar and Nos. 1202/3 at Abergavenny. For a considerable time now, G.W.R. drivers and firemen have manned ex L.N.W.R. Coal Tanks for banking purposes northwards from Abergavenny (G.W.R.). SLS/194802
16/05/1948 Abergavenny MPD At Abergavenny both Nos. 1202/3 were on shed and No. 9019 worked the 5.5 p.m. to Merthyr. No. 27654 was banking freight trains up to Llanvihangel and other coal tanks at work were Nos. 7808, 7782 an 7816. No. 1204 was at Tredegar but was being sent to Abergavenny for washout during the weekend and No. 1203 was sent to replace it. The 7.52 p.m. from Tredegar to Newport was worked by No. 9409. It is of interest to note that some of the highest points reached by the railways in Britain are on the Abergavenny-Merthyr line, and its branches, and it is no small tribute to the L.N.W.R. locomotives concerned that they are still entrusted with most of the trains over tne severe gradients encountered SLS/194807
21/06/1959 Tredegar MPD The Barry Island Sunday excursions, for so long worked by ex-L.N.W. 0-8-0s from this shed are now worked by 66XX tanks. On shed at Tredegar, 21st June were-3700 (86K), 5727, 5768 (86B), 6439 (86A), 6600, 9662, 40098 (86K), 40161 (stored), 40171 (86K), 41201/4. SLS/195907
22/08/1959 Tredegar MPD (in store at Newport Pill) Following the allocation of 3712, 7736/87, 8711 an 9662 (w.e. 22/8) the former LMS engines are now in store at Newport Pill viz. 40098/161/71, 41201/4. 40091/145, formerly stored at Pontypool Road, have been returned to the LMR and are at Blackpool and Southport. SLS/195910
30/12/1962 Western Regionboundary changes The following former W.R. engines were transferred to the L.M. Region when the depots to which they are allocated became the responsibility of that Region on 1.1.63. The official date of the transfer is December 30th, 1962: D3004/25-9/34-9, D3105-13/5/6/91-4, D3752/5/7, D3950-2/6-8/68-70/73-85/8/95-7, 1002/13/6/9/23/5, 1432/58, 1619/28/32/8/60/3/8, 2210/1/36/89 2845/51/6/66/75/88, 3208/9/17, 3601/5/7/19/25/31/58/60/73, 3709/44/9/70/6/8/82/8/9/92, 3802/6/9/13/5/7/21/5/8/9/31/45/6/9/52/5/7/65, 4105/11/4/20/5/33/40/7-9/53-5/8/65/7/8/71-3/5/6/8/9, 4602/17/45/6/8/65/83/7/96, 4923/46/54/98, 5022/6/31/63/89, 5101/53, 5192, 5606/40/58, 5927/42/83/90/1/4/5, 6129, 6314/64, 6403/24, 6604/9-11/5/8/25/31/2/44/6/63/7/8/71/4/8/9/83/92/4/8, 6803/11/23/7/8/30/1/3/9/42/5/51/3-5/7/8/61/2/4/6/70/1/9, 6903/4/6/7/11/5/6/7/22/5/6/9/30/3/4/52/64/71/6/9/80, 7001/12/4/9/24/6, 7207/18/36, 7414/8/24/6/31/43. 7800-3/6/7/9/10/2/8/9/21-4/7/8, 7905/8/12/5/8/29, 8109, 8464/98, 8718, 9435/63/70/98, 9608/10/3/4/24/30/6/9/46/57/69, 9724/33/53/68/74/82/93, 41201-4/9/31/2/40/1/85, 44835, 45143/5/90, 45283/98, 45406/22, 45572/7, 45660/99, 46401, 46503-27, 48330/47/54/69/402/4/10/2/5/7/8/24/30/6/50/9/60/71/4/5/8, 48724/38/9/68, 73025 6/34-6/90/5/7, 75000/2-4/6/9/20/1/3/4/6/7/9, 78000/2/3/7/8, 80070/8-80/96/8/100/l/2/4/5/31/2/5/6, 82000/3/5/6/9/20/1/31-4, 92001, 92212/3/5/27/8/34/47. SLS/196303
06/07/1963 Shed closure notes (Wellington) A 204 h.p. diesel is employed at Clacton on yard pilot duties and a Sulzer diesel from Stratford (30A) based on Colchester diesel depot handles the freight on both Clacton and Walton branches. All W.R. engines working to Crewe now use Crewe South shed and the only regular passenger duty to Wellington and back is rostered to an Ivatt 2-6-2T from Crewe North (using 41204). Heaton's entire allocation was transferred to Gateshead (52A). Hellifield's allocation was transferred to Kingmoor, Lancaster and Skipton. Kings Cross's A4s were transferred to New England and its Bls and V2s were transferred to Doncaster and Mexborough. Grantham still remains open and has acquired all New England's A3s (replaced there by A4s). Newport Pill's few remaining steam engines have moved to Ebbw Junc. which has taken over the complete dieselization of all dock shunts. SLS/196308

Date Event Details Source See Also
21/12/1946 To Service To service as London, Midland & Scottish Railway Number 1204
Built at Crewe Works
Allocated to Crewe North (5A)
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Tredegar (4E)    
01/1949 Renumbered Renumbered to 41204    
28/11/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Oswestry (89A)    
30/01/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Wellington (84H)    
03/12/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Leamington (84D)    
25/03/1961 Allocation Reallocated to Wellington (84H)    
22/06/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Crewe North (5A)    
07/03/1964 Allocation Reallocated to Leamington (2L)    
13/06/1964 Allocation Reallocated to Crewe North (5A)    
20/06/1964 Allocation Reallocated to Bangor (6H)    
25/07/1964 Allocation Reallocated to Croes Newydd (6C)    
12/06/1965 Allocation Reallocated to Llandudno Junction (6G)    
14/08/1965 Allocation Reallocated to Stockport Edgeley (9B)    
11/1966 Withdrawn Condemned as 41204    
04/1967 Scrapped Scrapped    

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