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Numbers Carried
Type Number Date From
Vehicle W59520 17/09/1960

Vehicle Specifics
Class as Built 176
Vehicle Type Trailer Composite (with Lavatory) (TC(L))
To Service 17/09/1960
Status In Service

Code Name Date From
  (New) w/e 17/09/1960

Date Unit Formation Notes
17/09/1960 RDG318 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS) Initial formation
01/1968 (snapshot) 465 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
09/1969 (snapshot) 465 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
11/1970 (snapshot) 465 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
1972 (snapshot) L465 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
03/1976 (snapshot) L430 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
12/1979 (snapshot) L430 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
01/1981 (snapshot) L430 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
05/1982 (snapshot) B430 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
12/1982 (snapshot) B430 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
01/1984 (snapshot) B430 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
01/1986 (snapshot) B430 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
07/04/1988 (snapshot) T305 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
11/1992 (snapshot) 117305 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
11/1992 (snapshot) 117305 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
11/1993 (snapshot) 117305 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)
11/1993 (snapshot) 117305 W51368 (MBS),  W59520 (TC(L)),  W51410 (MS)

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