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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
Great Central Railway 506 m/e 12/1919
London and North Eastern Railway (1924) 5506 m/e 06/1924
London and North Eastern Railway (1946) 2660 m/e 10/1946
British Railways 62660 m/e 10/1949

Names Carried
Date From Name

Locomotive Specifics
Designer J. Robinson
Class Large/Scottish Director
Company History GCR/LNER
Wheels 4-4-0
Builder Gorton Works
To Service During 12/1919
Withdrawal During 11/1960
Total Mileage 1,280,897
Service Life 40 yrs, 11 mths , 1 dy

Code Name From Date
  (New) m/e 12/1919
IMM Immingham on 01/01/1948 (Snapshot)
9E Trafford Park (LMS) 4w/e 24/02/1951
40A Lincoln 4w/e 21/11/1953
41A Sheffield Darnall 5w/e 20/04/1957
   Withdrawn m/e 11/1960

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC NEA Neasden m/e 28/02/1946
ALLOC IMM Immingham on 14/07/1947
LOAN 9E Trafford Park (LMS) m/e 31/03/1951
ALLOC 40A Lincoln 4w/e 31/10/1953
LOAN 91E To Eastern Region 4w/e 31/10/1953
ALLOC 40A Lincoln 4w/e 28/11/1953
ALLOC 91E To Eastern Region 4w/e 28/11/1953
ALLOC 41A Sheffield Darnall 4w/e 20/04/1957
WDN   on 28/10/1960

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced
Current Status Unknown
Status Date 17/09/2018

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
12/02/1948 Stratford Works The following locomotives were seen stripped: Nos. *1518, 2620, 4766, 5391, *7118, *7122, *7148, 7203/18, an 9659, while in the process of being stripped were: Nos. 1623/39/52, 5522, an 8529. The following were in course of erection: Nos. 1046/7, 1609/10/21/31/53/59/61/2/3/6 an 8764; No. 4889 was complete, and No. 1553 was apparently in for examination. Awaiting Works at various points were: Nos. 1509/*44/78, 1624, 2536/63, 2590, 2602, 4663/89, *5360/*80/3, 5400/10/18/52, 5506, *7119/*20. *7130/*1/*2/*5/*6/*7/*44/*7/83, 7219/26/37, *7511/*2, 8168/74, 8213, 8372, *8485/*8/9, 8791/6, 8854 an 9604. *Officially withdrawn. The Paint Shop produced the following all newly painted, lettered 'BRITISH RAILWAYS' in yellow paint and prefixed 'E': Nos. 1056, 4687, 5565, an 8376. No. 8082 was stored here. The first locomotive to have been lettered in the above new style was No. 8619, which in addition was painted green and is now to be seen at Liverpool Street, acting as station pilot. The Running Shed produced the following additional locomotives painted in the new style: Nos. 1045, 1664, an 1667 SLS/194803
17/08/1957 Darnall MPD The electric shed was closed as from 17th August and is to be converted to a diesel depot. Dll's in store at present are 62660/3/6/7/70. SLS/195711
09/08/1958 DarnallMPD Dll 62662 Prince of Wales is ex-works fully lined out and kept smart in contrast to the other D1 ls (62660/1/4-70) at this shed. All the D11s in the south are now on the GC section; in addition to Sheffield -Nottingham locals (a Staveley one even works to Leicester) they also work locals to Lincoln. SLS/195809
02/05/1959 Staveley MPD (41H) ex GCR 62665 has gone from store to Gorton Works for overhaul; 62663 is back at work on the GC line (Sheffield-Nottingham-Leicester). D11s still stored on 2nd May are 62660/1/6/9. Three diesel shunters from 41A shunt in the yards here. SLS/195907

Date Event Details Source See Also
12/1919 To Service To service as Great Central Railway Number 506, name: BUTLER-HENDERSON
Built at Gorton Works
06/1924 Renumbered Renumbered to 5506    
10/1946 Renumbered Renumbered to 2660    
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Immingham (IMM)    
10/1949 Renumbered Renumbered to 62660    
24/02/1951 Allocation Reallocated to Trafford Park (LMS) (9E)    
21/11/1953 Allocation Reallocated to Lincoln (40A)    
20/04/1957 Allocation Reallocated to Sheffield Darnall (41A)    
11/1960 Withdrawn Condemned as 62660