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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
Great North of Scotland Railway 114 m/e 10/1899
London and North Eastern Railway (1924) 6914 m/e 11/1924
London and North Eastern Railway (1946) 2263 m/e Not applied

Locomotive Specifics
Designer W. Pickersgill / T. Heywood
Class D40
Company History GNSR/LNER
Wheels 4-4-0
Builder Neilson, Reid & Co.
Order Number E827
Works Number 5603
To Service During 10/1899
Withdrawal During 03/1946
Service Life 46 yrs, 4 mths , 29 dys


Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
    (New) m/e 10/1899
     Withdrawn m/e 03/1946

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
WDN UNK   on 16/03/1946

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
31/03/1946 First D40 withdrawn 6914 was the first locomotive of its class to be withdrawn, SLS/194605
15/04/1946 Midland Section 4825 has been fitted with a self-cleaning smoke-box (15/4). 2683 (26A) was noted at Wellingborough, running light, on 20/3. An interesting working for which Bedford shed is responsible is a trip to Gloucester. The route is via Northampton and Stratford, and the locomotive, usually a 3F, is due out at 3 a.m, and does not re-turn until late at night. SLS/194605
24/03/1946 Renumbering Engines passing through shops, whose new numbers are blank, are now being renumbered automatically. It is now confirmed that the first new A2 will be 200. The 'Clauds' which were re-numbered in the 76XX and 77XX during the short-lived 1942 renumbering are now receiving their new numbers. Presumably the L1's, originally allotted the numbers 9000 upwards, are to receive numbers in this series. This change will be necessary if the rate of construction of L1's exceeds the rate of withdrawal of the engines whose new numbers commence at 9050. Likewise, provision is now being made for new B1's to be built into the 13XX before the locomotives' allotted numbers in that series have been withdrawn. Apparently the numbers 1673-99 are to be used for this purpose, and the B5's 5186/7, which were renumbered 1311/2 early in the scheme, have been renumbered a second time to 1689/90. The following errata should be noted in the L.N.E.R. Locomotive Re-numbering Supplement to the Journal: 1507-80, 8512 is now 7426, 3629-31 were 6554-6, 3638 was 6375, 5266/7 were 9357/8, 5450-69 were 7552-71. 8767-82 were 3965-80. 9785-9 were 1190-3/5. 9883-6 were 1524-7. Mr. W. H, Whitworth writes:-I have been through the L.N.E.R. renumbering pamphlet And have found the following errors:-Section. 3600-3639. 1 out somewhere. 5160-6209, should be 5160-5209. 5240-5269. 8357/8 should be 9357/8. 5450-5589, should be 5450-5571. 8757-8889, 8757-8875. 9050-9069, 9050-9073. 9770-9799 4 9770-9795. 9850-9889, 985Q-9887. There may be other mistakes, but these are the ones I have been able to spot: It must have been a huge job to get all the data into such a small space. SLS/194605
31/03/1946 First D40 withdrawn 6914 was the first locomotive of its class to be withdrawn, SLS/194605

Date Event Details Source See Also
10/1899 To Service To service as Great North of Scotland Railway Number 114
Built at Neilson, Reid & Co., Works Number 5603
11/1924 Renumbered Renumbered to 6914    
1946 Number Allocated Allocated number 2263 but not taken up    
03/1946 Withdrawn Condemned as 6914    

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