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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
Great Eastern Railway 678 m/e 03/1886
London and North Eastern Railway (1924) 7678 y/e 1924

Locomotive Specifics
Designer J. Holden
Class F4
Company History GER/LNER
Rebuild History
F4 Joy03/1886
F4 Stephenson (2-4-2T)10/1895
Wheels 2-4-2T
Builder Stratford Works
Order Number E16
Fittings (as built)
Engine Brakes Westinghouse
To Service During 03/1886
Withdrawal During 11/1929
Service Life 43 yrs, 8 mths , 2 dys


Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
    (New) m/e 03/1886
     Withdrawn m/e 11/1929

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced
Date Modified Modification
10/1895 140lb. Boiler fitted
10/1895 Stephenson Valve Gear fitted
10/1895 17½" Cylinders fitted
03/1910 160lb. Boiler fitted

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
31/07/1948 Darlington Works 'L.1's' are completed up to No. 67727 and the last three are almost finished. The paint dates of Nos. 67719-21 are May, Nos. 67722-26 June and No. 67727 July. The Works' Nos. are 2037-2045, in order.
Frames are laid down for the first two 'Pacifics' and it is understood that at least twelve are expected to be completed by the end of the year.
No. 7306 the first 'G.5' to be withdrawn is in the scrap yard, together with No. 5115. A start was made on cutting-up 'C.7's' Nos. 2973 an 2982 during W/E 3/7/48 and these will be followed by No. 2954. Further engines of this class have arrived in the Works' road at the shed, and it is expected they will all be scrapped, they are as follows:-Nos. 2975, 2981, 2983, 2988 an 2995. 'J.93' No. 8488 arrived on a truck and was cut-up W/E 29/5/48. Easingwold Rly. No. 2 is still in the Works' yard in a very forlorn condition. The North Sunderland Rly. diesel Lady Armstrong has also been there for a considerable time; No. 8089 is at present working on the N.S. Rly. The frames of two ex G.N.R. 'Atlantic's' (still complete with cylinders) have been shortened and are being used back to back as a boiler wagon. 'B.1' No. 61014 is ex works painted black and fully lined, but minus name plates-the name being chalked on one side of the smokebox. Other locomotives noted painted black and fully lined include Nos. 60834, 60942, 61019 an 62751.
Locomotives ex works to July 3rd, include:-Nos. 60919, 61410, 62724, 63282/90, 63345, 65024/64, 65575, 65673, 65708/54/62/75, 65816/41, 67613/29, 68245, 68307/58/91, 68706/61, 69771/98, 69833/37, 69854/66 an 69917. Locomotives for works during the same period include:-Nos. 509, 824/98, 920, 1012/19, 2375/79, 2706/61/68, 3250/64, 5099, 5670/92, 5774, 7246/95, 7305/06, 7603/05/10/16/30/35/61/78/90, 8262/91, 8358/60/93, 8434, 9781/82, 9832/52/57/82/85/93 an 61420.

Date Event Details Source See Also
03/1886 To Service To service as Great Eastern Railway Number 678
Built at Stratford Works
10/1895 Modification Modification: 140lb. Boiler fitted    
10/1895 Modification Modification: 17½" Cylinders fitted    
10/1895 Modification Modification: Stephenson Valve Gear fitted    
03/1910 Modification Modification: 160lb. Boiler fitted    
1924 Renumbered Renumbered to 7678    
11/1929 Withdrawn Condemned as 7678    

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