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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
London and North Eastern Railway (1924) 2639 m/e 01/1928
London and North Eastern Railway (1946) 9679 m/e 11/1946
British Railways 69679 m/e 09/1948

Locomotive Specifics
Designer A. Hill
Class N7
Company History GER/LNER
Rebuild History
N7/3 (0-6-2T)01/1944
Wheels 0-6-2T
Builder Gorton Works
Order Number No Order ID issued
Fittings (as built)
Condenser Fitted
Engine Brakes Westinghouse brake with Vacuum Ejector
To Service During 01/1928
Withdrawal Tue 17/01/1961
Service Life 33 yrs , 17 dys


Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
    (New) m/e 01/1928
STR   Stratford on 01/01/1948 (Snapshot)
IPS   Ipswich w/e 16/10/1948
MEL     4w/e 25/12/1948
32A   Norwich Thorpe w/e 10/09/1950
32A   Norwich Thorpe 4w/e 23/09/1950
32C   Lowestoft m/e 21/07/1956
32D   Yarmouth South Town 4w/e 15/06/1957
30A   Stratford 4w/e 19/10/1957
33B   Tilbury 4w/e 09/11/1957
32D   Yarmouth South Town 4w/e 08/03/1958
30A   Stratford w/e 07/02/1959
30F   Parkeston Quay w/e 26/11/1960
30A   Stratford w/e 07/01/1961
     Withdrawn on 17/01/1961

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC IPS Ipswich w/e 16/10/1948
ALLOC MEL   4w/e 25/12/1948
ALLOC 32A Norwich Thorpe w/e 10/09/1950
ALLOC 32C Lowestoft 4w/e 21/07/1956
ALLOC 32D Yarmouth South Town 4w/e 15/06/1957
ALLOC 30A Stratford 4w/e 02/11/1957
ALLOC 33B Tilbury 4w/e 30/11/1957
ALLOC 32D Yarmouth South Town 4w/e 28/03/1958
ALLOC 30A Stratford 4w/e 21/02/1959
ALLOC 30F Parkeston Quay 4w/e 26/11/1960
WDN   on 17/01/1961
ALLOC 30A Stratford 5w/e 04/02/1961

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced
Date Modified Modification
10/1936 Condensers removed
05/1957 Steam Brake with Vacuum Ejector
05/1957 Push and Pull Fitted

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
31/08/1949 M. & G.N. R. Line On the Melton Constable-Cromer route the majority of trains are hauled by 'D.16' 4-4-0's, of which class eight examples were noted, apparently working out their time on far from onerous duties; while the heavier holiday trains at week-ends brought 'B.12' and 'B.17' 4-6-0's and 'K.2' and 'K.3' 2-6--0's. The ubiquitous 'B.1' class was in evidence, though usually on goods workings, and the same applies to the 'J.39' 0-6-0's. Ex-G.N, 0-6-0 No, 64249 ('J.6') and ex-G.E. 0-6-0's Nos. 5567 ('J.17') and 64653 ('J.19') were seen on passenger trains. Tank engines noted were Nos. 7664, 67677 an 67679 ('V.1') and No. 69679 ('N.7'), which were by no means hard pressed in handling two, three and four coach trains on this route, while occasionally an ex-G.E. 2-4-2T put in an appearance. Except for No. 61272 ('B.1') and No. 64249 ('J.6'), which were freshly painted in standard British Railways livery, the engines noted compared very unfavourably with those of earlier days in the matter of cleanliness. Most of the passenger trains were made up of corridor stock ranging from modern L.N.E. and L.M.S. vehicles to ex-E.C.J.S., G.E.. N.E. and N.B. coaches, with a considerable proportion of ex-L.N.W 'flat' roofed stock transferred to the M. & G.N. and now in former L.N.E. varnished teak livery. The average train set would get high marks for interest but little for uniformity. SLS/194910
31/07/1961 Stratford MPD (30A) (On shed withdrawn) On shed withdrawn: 64652, 67701/6/8/9/36, 68899, 69679/82/700/8. SLS/196109

Date Event Details Source See Also
01/1928 To Service To service as London and North Eastern Railway Number 2639
Built at Gorton Works
10/1936 Modification Modification: Condensers removed    
11/1946 Renumbered Renumbered to 9679    
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Stratford (STR)    
09/1948 Renumbered Renumbered to 69679    
16/10/1948 Allocation Reallocated to Ipswich (IPS)    
25/12/1948 Allocation      
10/09/1950 Allocation Reallocated to Norwich Thorpe (32A)    
23/09/1950 Allocation Reallocated to Norwich Thorpe (32A)    
21/07/1956 Allocation Reallocated to Lowestoft (32C)    
05/1957 Modification Modification: Push and Pull Fitted    
05/1957 Modification Modification: Steam Brake with Vacuum Ejector    
15/06/1957 Allocation Reallocated to Yarmouth South Town (32D)    
19/10/1957 Allocation Reallocated to Stratford (30A)    
09/11/1957 Allocation Reallocated to Tilbury (33B)    
08/03/1958 Allocation Reallocated to Yarmouth South Town (32D)    
07/02/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Stratford (30A)    
26/11/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Parkeston Quay (30F)    
07/01/1961 Allocation Reallocated to Stratford (30A)    
17/01/1961 Withdrawn Condemned as 69679    

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