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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
Great Central Railway 1234 m/e 11/1912
London and North Eastern Railway (1924) 6234   22/10/1927
London and North Eastern Railway (1946) 3581   20/12/1946
British Railways 63581 w/e 31/12/1949

Locomotive Specifics
Designer J. Robinson
Class O4
Company History GCR/LNER
Wheels 2-8-0
Builder North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow
Order Number L496
Works Number 19890
To Service During 11/1912
Withdrawal Tue 10/02/1959 off Sheffield Darnall (41A)
Scrapping Locomotive Works (Gorton)
Service Life 46 yrs, 3 mths , 10 dys
Information Hyde Park Works

Notes Into Gorton for cutting up 14/2/59

Code Name From Date
  (New) m/e 11/1912
GOR Gorton on 22/07/1921
STV Staveley (G.C.) on 02/02/1924
SHF Sheffield Neepsend on 26/01/1934
SHF Sheffield Darnall on 11/04/1943
   Withdrawn on 10/02/1959

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
TOSTORE   4w/e 09/08/1958
WDN   on 10/02/1959

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced
Date Modified Modification
11/1912 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 1500)
21/09/1918 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 1479)
25/06/1921 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 1885)
01/12/1923 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 1519)
22/10/1927 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 819)
05/03/1932 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 1272)
04/08/1934 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 1837)
15/08/1936 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 1015)
08/04/1939 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 1032)
02/08/1941 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 515)
05/02/1944 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 1136)
23/08/1947 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 811)
31/12/1949 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 3311)
16/08/1952 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 22286)
30/04/1955 Diagram 15 boiler fitted (number 22291)

Works Visits
Works Stopped Entry Departure Durn Level of Work Mileage
Gorton Works 13/04/1918 21/09/1918 162 days General
Boiler number 1479 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 07/05/1921 25/06/1921 50 days General
Boiler number 1885 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 13/10/1923 01/12/1923 50 days General
Boiler number 1519 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 03/09/1927 22/10/1927 50 days General
Boiler number 819 (Diagram 15)
Renumbered to LNER (1924) number 6234
Gorton Works 19/10/1929 23/11/1929 36 days General  
Gorton Works 27/02/1932 05/03/1932 8 days General
Boiler number 1272 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 28/07/1934 04/08/1934 8 days General
Boiler number 1837 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 01/08/1936 15/08/1936 15 days General
Boiler number 1015 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 25/03/1939 08/04/1939 15 days General
Boiler number 1032 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 21/07/1941 02/08/1941 13 days General
Boiler number 515 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 25/01/1944 05/02/1944 12 days General
Boiler number 1136 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 26/07/1947 23/08/1947 29 days General
Boiler number 811 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 10/12/1949 31/12/1949 22 days General
Boiler number 3311 (Diagram 15)
Renumbered to BR 63581
Gorton Works 02/08/1952 16/08/1952 15 days General
Boiler number 22286 (Diagram 15)
Gorton Works 02/04/1955 30/04/1955 29 days General
Boiler number 22291 (Diagram 15)

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
28/02/1946 Crewe - Smoke deflectors Smoke deflectors are being fitted to all the non-streamlined Princess Coronation locos in the same way as with 6232/52. 6234/3/50 have so far been so treated. SLS/194605
30/03/1946 W.D. ENGINES IN HOLLAND The initials N.S. indicates Nederlandsche Spoorwegen, i.e. Netherlands Railways: this being not a State to concern but a limited liability company. Reference to the Netherlands State Railways is thus incorrect.
Another point is that all W.D. locos in Holland are on to loan and have not been purchased. They still have their W.D. numbers in addition to their N.S numbers.
Six more 0-6-0 saddle tanks are on loan:-N.S. 8822 to 8827, W.D. 75026/53/86, 75104/15/99.
The 2-8-0's (W.D. 77125, 77238) which were allotted N.S. 4528/9 were in an accident last August, and were sent to Malines Works in Belgium. After overhaul, they went to to Western Germany, and so never bore their N.S. numbers. Ten more W.D. 2 8 0's went to the N.S. on loan in January, 1946:-N.S. 4528 to 4537, W.D. 77009/10, 77193/4/7, 77011/38, 77188/90, 77358. Of these, 77193/4/7 came from the Dutch State Mines in Limburg. At the same time N.S. 4511 (W.D. 79196) went to the State Mines (S.M.), while N.S. 4504/9 (W.D. 78677 and 79189) left for Belgium. These three locos. are no longer on the N.S. list. W.D. 77193 was S.M. 62.
Also noted S.M. 74 (W.D. 75002).
Sixty 2-10-0's are on loan to the N.S. from January, 1946:-N.S. 5001 to 5060: W.D. 73650/61/2/4-71/3/5/6/9-81/9-93/5-9, 73700/1/4-7/9/11-3/5/7-22/7/9/32-4/6-41/4/5/7-9.
28/03/1946 L.M.S.R. Liveries Viscount Garnock writes, 'On the morning of 28th March, 6234 (5A), 5594 (20A) and two modern carriages were standing in No. 7 platform at Euston for the Directors to inspect, chiefly to decide on the choice of livery. Of the two carriages, both were painted 'Midland Lake,' the first having the normal coloured crest in the centre whilst ,the second had in its place a representation of the Doric Arch at Euston encircled by a gold line, the whole thing being finished entirely in 'Midland Lake' and gold. Of the locomotives 6234 (fitted with smoke deflectors), was very striking, being painted a sort of light grey (with a bluish tint) and lined in gold and 'Midland Lake,' the name plate having a background of this latter colour. 5594 was painted 'Midland Lake' lined with gold, though the absence of lining on the slashers and other parts tended rather to spoil the effect. The lettering and numbering on both locomotives was in plain unshaded gold. Both cabs were scrupulously clean with the inside of the roof white and the rest black, various instructions and names of parts being painted in white. On the whole it is thought that the grey livery will not wear so well, as the paint was already cracked on the cylinders of 6234 (paint date 16/3/46).' In connection with the above,'Mr. H. C. Casserley writes that on one side only of 6234 there was a red edging to the yellow lining in place of the usual black. The left-hand side of 5594 was simply lined out with a yellow band whilst the right-hand side had the usual yellow band and black edging. SLS/194605

Date Event Details Source See Also
11/1912 To Service To service as Great Central Railway Number 1234
Built at North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow, Works Number 19890
Diagram 15 boiler fitted
22/07/1921 Allocation Reallocated to Gorton (GOR)    
02/02/1924 Allocation Reallocated to Staveley (G.C.) (STV)    
26/01/1934 Allocation Reallocated to Sheffield Neepsend (SHF)    
11/04/1943 Allocation Reallocated to Sheffield Darnall (SHF)    
20/12/1946 Renumbered Renumbered to 3581    
10/02/1959 Withdrawn Condemned as 63581 from Sheffield Darnall (41A)    

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