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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
North Eastern Railway 2243 m/e 05/1919
London and North Eastern Railway (1946) 3400   15/09/1946
British Railways 63400 w/e 07/04/1951

Locomotive Specifics
Designer V. Raven
Class Q6
Company History NER/LNER
Rebuild History
Wheels 0-8-0
Builder Darlington Works
Order Number 141A
Fittings (as built)
Engine Brakes Steam
To Service During 05/1919 to Tyne Dock (TDK)
Withdrawal Mon 12/08/1963 off Sunderland (52G)
Service Life 44 yrs, 3 mths , 13 dys

Notes Into Darlington for cutting up, 8/63

Code Name From Date
TDK Tyne Dock (New) m/e 05/1919
HLS Hull Springhead on 31/01/1925
TDK Tyne Dock on 01/02/1927
BOR Borough Gardens on 28/03/1943
52C Blaydon on 14/06/1959
52G Sunderland on 17/02/1963
   Withdrawn on 12/08/1963

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC 52C Blaydon on 14/06/1959
ALLOC 52G Sunderland 3w/e 02/03/1963
WDN   on 12/08/1963

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced
Date Modified Modification
05/1919 Diagram 50 boiler fitted (number D906)
18/02/1930 Diagram 50 boiler fitted (number E4/11)
20/01/1933 Diagram 50 boiler fitted (number E4/14)
29/04/1937 Diagram 50 boiler fitted (number AW50)
02/09/1942 Diagram 50A boiler fitted (number 3298)
09/02/1945 Diagram 50A boiler fitted (number 3297)
03/10/1947 Diagram 50A boiler fitted (number 3150)
03/04/1951 Diagram 50A boiler fitted (number 24181)
02/04/1953 Diagram 50A boiler fitted (number 24256)
27/03/1956 Diagram 50A boiler fitted (number 24301)
28/11/1958 Diagram 50A boiler fitted (number 24231)

Works Visits
Works Stopped Entry Departure Durn Level of Work Mileage
Gateshead Works 13/03/1924 22/05/1924 71 days General  
Darlington Works 23/06/1925 04/08/1925 43 days Light Repair  
Gateshead Works 22/04/1927 17/10/1927 179 days General  
Darlington Works 05/10/1928 15/11/1928 42 days Light Repair  
Gateshead Works 08/07/1929 23/07/1929 16 days Light Repair  
Gateshead Works 20/09/1929 29/10/1929 40 days Light Repair  
Gateshead Works 09/12/1929 18/02/1930 72 days Heavy
Boiler number E4/11 (Diagram 50)
Gateshead Works 25/01/1932 29/02/1932 36 days Light Repair  
Gateshead Works 05/12/1932 20/01/1933 47 days General
Boiler number E4/14 (Diagram 50)
Darlington Works 08/07/1935 19/07/1935 12 days Unclassified  
Darlington Works 17/02/1937 29/04/1937 72 days General
Boiler number AW50 (Diagram 50)
Darlington Works 03/04/1940 02/05/1940 30 days General  
Darlington Works 06/05/1940 08/05/1940 3 days Unclassified  
Darlington Works 03/07/1942 02/09/1942 62 days General
Boiler number 24222 (Diagram 50A)
Darlington Works 11/01/1945 09/02/1945 30 days General
Boiler number 3297 (Diagram 50A)
Darlington Works 05/04/1946 15/05/1946 41 days Light Repair  
Darlington Works 01/09/1947 03/10/1947 33 days General
Boiler number 3150 (Diagram 50A)
Gateshead Works 18/08/1952 10/09/1952 24 days Light Casual  
Darlington Works 11/03/1953 02/04/1953 23 days General
Boiler number 24256 (Diagram 50A)
Darlington Works 13/04/1953 16/04/1953 4 days Unclassified  
Darlington Works 01/03/1956 27/03/1956 27 days General
Boiler number 24301 (Diagram 50A)
Darlington Works 25/04/1956 04/05/1956 10 days Unclassified  
Gateshead Works 10/07/1956 02/08/1956 24 days Light Casual  
Gateshead Works 12/06/1957 12/07/1957 31 days Light Casual  
Darlington Works 18/10/1957 05/12/1957 49 days Heavy Casual
After collision
Gateshead Works 07/10/1958 28/11/1958 53 days General
Boiler number 24231 (Diagram 50A)
Darlington Works 11/10/1961 02/11/1961 23 days Light Casual  

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
30/09/1943 Cambridge Area Notes (By The Cambridge University Railway Club) Interest in the Cambridge area continues to centre upon the procession of locomotives to and from Stratford works. These usually spend some time on the dead road at Cambridge shed before proceeding on their journey; luckily they are then easily visible from the public highway. Only one 'O4' has been so reported recently-6502, which passed through on 31/8, newly repainted. This seems rather a roundabout way to return to Woodford-may the practice continue!
There has been a recent tendency for 'E4's' and 'J15's' to be returned to Norwich via Cambridge; and 7791, 7497, 7516 & 7825 have been seen. Nos. 7360(LIN), 7323(NWE) and 7400(FRO) have been noted returning from Stratford-the former stayed in Cambridge for about three weeks. 7340(BSE) (Bury) has also been to Cambridge and worked in the yard for about a month, presumably on loan, as 7011 & 7190 have gone to Stratford for repair; and the stud of shunting tanks has been further depleted by the loan of 7256 to KL.
No. 2095 was in Cambridge yards on 21/9 presumably returning to Darlington. Nos. 4355, 3400, 089 an 092 have recently been in Cambridge for repairs, whilst 065 was in the yard on 18/9 and probably has gone to Stratford. Light repairs to South Lynn engines are often performed in Cambridge-usually at the back of the running shed unless the lift shop gear is required. This practice results in little check being possible on the rarest of our visitors!
Nos. 8883/7/99 have returned from Stratford rebuilt as class D16/3; 8896 returned not so rebuilt. 8899 is the first of the 8890 series to be rebuilt. 8887 has been transferred from KL to CAM on rebuilding. A number of 'D15's' can be seen still-8867(COL) is almost a daily visitor, and spent some time recently in the lift shops; 8881/90/3/5/6(KL) of King's Lynn often appear; 8892/7(BSE) of Bury appear on most days whilst 7764 is stationed at Cambridge.
The large stud of Passenger locomotives attached results in a certain dullness of workings. Duties on the Liverpool St. line are split between Cambridge and Stratford; there is one regular Colchester working via Haverhill and also one from Ipswich and King's Lynn and two from Bury. Certain other trains, especially those from March via St. Ives, are often powered from March or King's Lynn sheds. Norwich locomotives appear irregularly-most frequently 'Sandringhams,' which appear sometimes on Stratford turns.
Recently a certain amount of variety has crept into the Liverpool St. workings as 'K3's' and 'K2's' have appeared fairly frequently. On 23/8/43 Nos. 4647, 2459 an 163 appeared on successive trains. On 19/9 the first part of the 2.20 p.m. ex Liverpool St. came in behind 2816(IPS) and the second behind 4631 (NOR).
The majority of trains on the King's Cross line continue to be hauled by 'C1' Atlantics. There are three turns on which Pacifics and 'V2's' appear fairly regularly-almost invariably King's Cross locomotives. There is a certain amount of variety with the 'Atlantics'; though those from sheds North of Peterborough are very rare. Two trains are usually hauled by Cambridge locos. almost always 'B17's' or 'Clauds.' Recently 2844(NOR) worked one of these, and must have been a very rare visitor at King's Cross. The turntable at Cambridge is now under repair and, as a result, the big engines do not work in as they cannot be turned on the LMS table. Cambridge 'Claud' workings compensate for the increase in strain on the GN sheds.
March is, of course, the main source of Goods locos. and its 'O2's' and 0-6-0's are abundant. Since the arrival of the American locomotives, the 'K3's' have become less common though the K2's' the more so. On a recent afternoon there were four types of 2-8-0 in the yard-'02'; USA; 'Austerity' (one from LNE and one from LMS); and a standard LMS freight built by SR. Later one of the Vulcan-built 'Austerities' came in (the other 2 were by N.B. Loco), followed by an 'O4.'
The LNW trains, as ever, specialise in bringing us Bletchley 'Princes,' 2-6-4T and 0-8-0. There is one regular 2D turn per day. Occasionally standard 0-6-0's (usually from the Midland division) appear and also standard 2-8-0's from 1A. Recently 4-4-0 420 (2A) appeared on a passenger train; another recent visitor has been Compound No. 900. On the Midland trains, Kettering supplies a variety of 2F 0-6-0's which, together with 2-4-0 No. 20216, appear to be well suited to this type of work on local passenger trains.

Date Event Details Source See Also
05/1919 To Service To service as North Eastern Railway Number 2243
Built at Darlington Works, Works Number
Allocated to Tyne Dock (TDK)
Diagram 50 boiler fitted
31/01/1925 Allocation Reallocated to Hull Springhead (HLS)    
01/02/1927 Allocation Reallocated to Tyne Dock (TDK)    
28/03/1943 Allocation Reallocated to Borough Gardens (BOR)    
15/09/1946 Renumbered Renumbered to 3400    
03/04/1951 Modification Diagram 50A number 24181 boiler fitted    
07/04/1951 Renumbered Renumbered to 63400    
14/06/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Blaydon (52C)    
17/02/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Sunderland (52G)    
12/08/1963 Withdrawn Condemned as 63400 from Sunderland (52G)    

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