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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
British Railways 80010 on 10/07/1951

Locomotive Specifics
Designer R. Riddles
Class Standard Class 4 Tank
Company History BR
Wheels 2-6-4T
Builder Brighton Works
To Service Sun 10/07/1951 to Tunbridge Wells West (75F)
Withdrawal Sun 14/06/1964
Service Life 12 yrs, 11 mths , 4 dys

Scrapping During 03/1965 at Cashmore's (Newport)

Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
75F   Tunbridge Wells West (New) on 10/07/1951
75A   Brighton 3w/e 17/11/1956
75E   Three Bridges w/e 11/03/1959
75F   Tunbridge Wells West 3w/e 30/01/1963
75A   Brighton 4w/e 16/09/1963
     Withdrawn on 14/06/1964

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
NEW 75F Tunbridge Wells West 4w/e 27/07/1951
ALLOC 75A Brighton P 31/10/1956
ALLOC 75E Three Bridges 8w/e 11/03/1959
ALLOC 75F Tunbridge Wells West 3w/e 25/01/1963
ALLOC 75A Brighton 4w/e 16/09/1963
WDN   w/e 14/06/1964

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
31/07/1951 New Standard Mixed Traffic 2-6-4T engines We are indebted to the Railway Executive for supplying full particulars of the new standard tank engines, the first of which was completed at Brighton in July. Two of the photographs show No. 80010, broadside and perspective, while the third shows No. 80011 with the boiler in position, but side tanks not fitted. The 54 engines included in the 1951 programme will be allocated: 21 to the Scottish, 10 to the Southern, 3 to the Eastern and North Eastern, and 20 to the London Midland Regions. Principal dimensions: Cylinders 18' x 28'; coupled wheels 5' 8' dia.; truck and bogie wheels 3' 0' dia.; wheelbase 9' 0' plus 7' 7' plus 7' 9' plus 6' 3' plus 6' 3'; coupled wheelbase 15' 4', total 36' 10'; length over buffers 44' 9⅞' (front overhang 4' 4', rear ditto 3' 7⅞'). Boiler centre 8' 9' above rail level. Tractive effort 25100lb. Boiler barrel diameter (outside) 4' 9' to 5' 3'; firebox (outside) 8' 6' x 4' 0½': distance between tubeplates 12' 3'; tubes 21 large, 5⅛' O.D. x 7 S.W.G.; 157 small, 1¾' O.D. x 12 S.W.G.; superheater elements 1⅜' O.D. x 10 S.W.G.
Heating surface: Tubes 1223 sq. ft., firebox 143 sq. ft., superheater 246 sq. ft. Grate area 26.7 sq. ft. Pressure 2251b. per sq. in. Weight in working order 86 tons 13 cwt. Water capacity 2000 gallons, bunker 34 tons coal. The engines allocated to the L.M.R. will be provided with water pick-up gear for forward and backward running, but provision is made for fitting the gear on all engines if required. Ten of the engines are to be built at Derby (Nos. 80000-80009) and the remainder at Brighton, of which Nos. 80010/1 were running from Brighton shed during the latter part of July, the former having been noted on the 11.5 a.m. to Victoria, via Oxted, and No. 80011 on local trips to Steyning, etc.
31/07/1951 Southern Notes Standard 2-6-4T, 80010, was working in July Brighton-Victoria via Oxted. New diesel-electric 0-6-0 shunting engines numbered 15228-31 have been completed at Ashford where the big express locomotive with that method of propulsion, No. 10202 was nearly ready for trials at the end of July. There having presumably been no decision in her favour, the Stirling 4-4-0, 1231, which though condemned had been standing at Ashford Works for two years or so in case of possible preservation, has now gone to the scrap yard. Classes 'F1' & 'B1' are now extinct. Some of the rebuilt Wainwright 4-4-0's of classes 'D1' & 'E1' are to receive new parts and general overhaul. Though not so much in use on Kent coast fast trains now, they do good work with excursions on that route, sometimes with 9 or 10 corridor coaches starting from suburban stations in summer, as well as hauling the Holborn or Green-wich route slow passenger trains or semi-fasts which are a late night or early morning feature on the Eastern Section. Some of Adams's 'G6' & 'O2' tanks are also receiving general repair. The last Stroudley 'D' tank (0-4-2) No. 2359 which had been performing stationary boiler service at Dover was at Ashford condemned on 24th July.
Green painting of 'Merchant Navy' engines in the very dark shade used at Eastleigh has commenced. 'King Arthurs' are supplementing the heavy and light 'Pacifics' in handling the Continental boat traffic to and from Folkestone and Dover during the holiday season. 'L' class 4-4-0's work through between Charing Cross and New Romney on summer Saturdays, traversing a single line from Appledore and running tender first one way on the branch, with fast runs west of Ashford via Tonbridge or Maidstone East. The veteran 'Terrier' 0-6-0T, 32670, which is nearly 80 years old, ran as a light engine from Headcorn to Ashford, St. Leonards, and so in stages to Brighton Works. The diminutive side tanks were green but plain, the semi-circular lettering 'K&ESR No. 3' having been painted out when a B.R. number was provided.
No. 1602, the solitary 'T' class London, Chatham and Dover small 0-6-OT also passed along the coast line from St. Leonards on a roundabout last journey from Reading to Brighton shops. Atlantic 32426 St. Albans Head looked smart in 'L&NW' livery at Hastings on a holiday special ex-Birmingham formed of L.M.S. stock, often also working Newhaven boat specials. After a spell at Nine Elms on Waterloo express trials (with 70009), class '7' 4-6-2, 70014, Iron Duke, was at Stewarts Lane at the beginning of August and working on Folkestone or Dover boat trains. Class '4' 2-6-4T, 42093, hauled the 11.34 a.m. Ramsgate-Victoria semi-fast on 28th July, this is the return working of the 5.10 a.m. down slow from London.
'N' class 'Moguls' hauled several Kent coast trains via Tonbridge on 4th August. On that day the main Birkenhead-Ramsgate train loaded to 13 corridors, including Diner, was headed east of Redhill by 30913, Christs Hospital; like Nos. 30907 an 30917, this 'Schools' is still green.
18/02/1962 Eastleigh Works (Erecting Shop) Works Yard: D2250, D6500/3/7, 15212, 30055, 30781, 30864, 33020, 34002/52, Erecting Shop: D3042, D3271, D3471, D5012/4, D6506/63, L.S.W.R. 120, 4694, 9667, 30045, 30515/42, 30838/43, 30955, 31795/8, 32646, 33039, 34011/18/24/66/72, 41316/7, 73084, 73119, 76005/19/63, 80010/65/6, 80139/41/51, 92239. Scrap Road: 30059, 30475/6, 30905, 31723. SLS/196204
25/02/1962 Eastleigh Works (Erecting Shop) Works Yard: D2250, D3042, D3271, D6500/3, 33020, 41324, 76025/9. Erecting Shop: D3471, D5012/4, D6506/7/14/63, E6002, L.S.W.R. 120, 15212, 30045, 30515/42/5, 30781, 30838/43, 30955, 31413, 31795/8, 32636/46, 33039, 34002/11/8/24/66, 35025, 41316/7, 73084, 73119, 76016/63, 80010, 80141/51, 92239. Behind Erecting Shop: 30059, 30475/6, 30692, 30864, 80064. SLS/196204

Date Event Details Source See Also
10/07/1951 To Service To service as British Railways Number 80010
Built at Brighton Works
Allocated to Tunbridge Wells West (75F)
17/11/1956 Allocation Reallocated to Brighton (75A)    
11/03/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Three Bridges (75E)    
30/01/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Tunbridge Wells West (75F)    
16/09/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Brighton (75A)    
14/06/1964 Withdrawn Condemned as 80010    
03/1965 Scrapped Broken up by Cashmore's: Newport    

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