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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
British Railways 80020 on 27/10/1951

Locomotive Specifics
Designer R. Riddles
Class Standard Class 4 Tank
Company History BR
Wheels 2-6-4T
Builder Brighton Works
To Service Sat 27/10/1951
Withdrawal Sat 26/06/1965
Service Life 13 yrs, 7 mths , 30 dys

Scrapping During 09/1965 at Motherwell Machinery and Scrap (Wishaw)

Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
    (New) on 27/10/1951
67D   Ardrossan 4w/e 01/07/1961
67A   Corkerhill 4w/e 29/07/1961
     Withdrawn on 26/06/1965

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
NEW 61A Kittybrewster on 27/10/1951
ALLOC 67D Ardrossan 4w/e 01/07/1961
ALLOC 67A Corkerhill 4w/e 29/07/1961
WDN   w/e 26/06/1965

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
26/10/1951 Brighton Works New construction, 80021 well advanced, laid down to 80027, Under repair, DS1173, 377S, 15217, 20002, 31638, 31849, 31853, 32168, 32376, 32464, 32479, 42101. Being cut up, 32590. Waiting scrapping, 32075, 32021. Nos. 31849/53 bear R.O.F. Nos. 26 and 29 respectively. Recently ex shops: 80019 (20/10) for S.R.; 80020 (27/10) for Sc.R.; 31691 (26/10); 80013 and others of the class after attention to leaky tanks. An unusual visitor to Brighton shed is 30163 (L.11); 32347 with damaged front end is understood to be waiting decision as to repair or scrap. No. 41297 was on shed on 7th November. SLS/195112
29/12/1951 Scottish Miscellany Of the B.R. 2-6-4T Nos. 80020-2 are at Kittybrewster, 80023/6 at Polmadie and 80024/5 at Corkerhill. Ivatt 2-6-0 43133 has arrived at Eastfield depot. Ex-L.M.S. Class 5 4-6-0s now work regularly over the West Highland line. During the New Year week V2 class engines worked frequently on the Edinburgh-Glasgow turns. Towards the end of December Class J39 64750 was noted being towed to Cowlairs Works after a 'pitch-in.' Regular Sunday cheap day excursion tickets are now being given from Glasgow to more distant towns, e.g., by 7.15 a.m. to Grantown-on-Spey West; Hawick by 9.40 a.m. SLS/195203
22/03/1952 Easter Workings on the Buchan line With the arrival of the new Class 4MT 2-6-4 tanks at Kittybrewster, some of the turns on the Buchan section have been taken over by the new locomotives. 80020 works the 11.22 No. 1 Express-the 'Fisher' -from Fraserburgh to Kittybrewster while 80029 handles the 16.02 passenger Aberdeen-Fraserburgh. However, many of the Aberdeen-Fraserburgh trains are still worked by locomotives of the old D40, D41, B1 or B12 classes. A B1 is in charge of the 12.25 passenger from Fraserburgh and 62260, 62276 'Andrew Bain' or 62279 'Glen Grant' deals with the 12.50 goods to Kittybrewster. But the most startling change has taken place on the St. Combs Light Railway. Here Class 2MT 2-6-0, No. 46460, shedded at 64A, has been fitted with cowcatchers 'fore and aft' (to use a nautical phrase) and has taken over the duties previously performed by ex-G.E.R. 2-4-2 tanks 67151 an 67164, both of which have been scrapped. But 67157, of the same class, still lingers on and shares duties with the new engine. The crews consider that 46460 is an excellent machine, but I was informed that, some time after its arrival, it was reported for working 10lb. over pressure! SLS/195206
22/03/1952 Standard 2-6-4T tanks cl726401To return to the new 2-6-4 tanks. The crews have some grievances about them. First, no catchers are fitted to the engines to allow the exchange of single-line tablets at speed. Second, no glass shields have been fitted on the cab sides, and it is felt that the bunker and tank capacity could have been larger. Two other grievances are that the regulator is stiff and that the brake-power is poor when a non-fitted train is being hauled. What has caused some annoyance is that trains hauled by the tanks develop a jerking end-to-end motion. I believe that an improvement has been effected by replacing the engines' rubber drawbar springs with ordinary springs. Indeed, since their arrival, two mishaps have occurred. One engine left the rails at Kittybrewster, and at Logierieve sidings the rails just opened out and 80020 dropped through! But apart from the above-mentioned grievances I have found that the crews like their new machines, especially from the point of view of cab layout and the general fittings for the men's comfort. SLS/195206

Date Event Details Source See Also
27/10/1951 To Service To service as British Railways Number 80020
Built at Brighton Works
01/07/1961 Allocation Reallocated to Ardrossan (67D)    
29/07/1961 Allocation Reallocated to Corkerhill (67A)    
26/06/1965 Withdrawn Condemned as 80020    
09/1965 Scrapped Broken up by Motherwell Machinery and Scrap: Wishaw    

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