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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
War Dept. 7337 m/e 07/1943
War Dept. 77337 m/e 01/1945

Locomotive Specifics
Class WD/8
Company History WD
Wheels 2-8-0
Builder North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow
Order Number L943
Works Number 25205
To Service During 07/1943
Withdrawal During y/e 1965
Service Life 21 yrs , 5 mths


Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
    (New) m/e 07/1943
     Withdrawn y/e 1965

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
14/04/1947 Stonor Dump A visit to the 'dump' at Stonor on 14/4 found only six of the original 110 2-8-0 engines remaining. These were 77076, 77337, 77425, 77457, 78682 and 79184. Of these, 77457 would appear to be the next to leave, as it had been moved up near to the S.R. line, while 78682 does not appear to have moved from the position it occupied last June. All six were dirty, rusty and appeared to be in need of repair, and three of them (77076, 77337 and 79184) had had their builders' plates taken away. The Nissen type engine shed close by the main Ramsgate-Sandwich road was occupied by W.D. 0-6-0 ST. No. 75110, which was in steam. SLS/194706
01/06/1947 Longmoor On 1/6 2-10-0 Nos. 73774-73796 were in store and the following were on the dump (mostly marked for scrap): Nos. 70179, 70195, 70198, 70204, 70208, 72400 and 72401. There were numerous boilers, wheels, etc., lying about, indicating that a number of the older locos. had already presumably been broken up. Nos. 70216, 70271, 70272, 72214 and Petrol Railcars Nos. 2, 3 and 4 were on the diesel shed, whilst Nos. 71505, 73651, 73797, 75028, 75041, 75042, 75079, 75275, 75277 and 75290 were on the loco. shed. The three locos. painted blue, lined out in red and with the lettering 'L.M.R.' on the tenders (of two of them), were also on the shed: No. 79250 Major General McMullen, U.S. type 2-8-0 No. 93257 Major General Carl Gray, and U.S. type 0-6-0T No. 94382 Major General Frank S. Ross; the U.S. type locos. have recently been named and have had 90000 added to their U.S. numbers. The repair shop contained Nos. 77337 and 75282, and on the 60 cm. gauge the following were seen: German 0-6-0 Diesel Nos. HFM13906 and HFM13 915. SLS/194708
12/07/1947 Longmoor A visit to the L.M.R. on 12/7 disclosed that of the 2-10-0's in store, Nos. 73774/89 had left for overhaul at Eastleigh Works. 'Austerity' 2-8-0 No. 77337 (N.B.L. Co. 25205/43) was in for repair and boiler test, and was resplendent in Nord chocolate livery, and named La Delivrance. This engine was selected from those at Stonor to be incorporated in the L.M.R. stock, and will be painted in R.E. livery, and the name perpetuated. It carries its Jan., 1946, S.N.C.F. shed name 'Dujardin' and its power class 'C9-10%.' On this date the 5.10 p.m. Longmoor to Liss passenger train was hauled by 0-6-0D No. 70271 (L.M.S. Derby, 1945) with one loose coupled coach ex L.M.S.R. SLS/194709
03/04/1948 Longmoor The latest arrivals at Longmoor are four diesels. Two Whitcomb 0-4-4-0 D's have been returned from the Middle East, and these are W.D. Nos. 71232/3. It is intended to repair them for service on the L.M.R. For the journey from the docks it was necessary to dismantle the cabs, and to reduce the width of the heavy steel buffer plates. Two 0-4-0 D's have come to Longmoor for storage. These are No. 70043 (A. Barclay 358/41) and R.O.F. 10 No. 2 (J. Fowler 22976/42). The former is from the Detmold Military Rly. The two narrow-gauge straight diesels brought from Germany are used on a short section of line, and are very powerful for their size, and have an approximate tractive effort of 25,000lb. It is understood that they were originally designed to haul trains of 'V2' warheads. Blue livery has been adopted for passenger engines, and olive green for goods types: Engines are being fitted with diamond-shaped plates on the cabsides. These have a red background with a blue edging, and have a blue embossed section of flat-footed rail in the centre, and are replicas of the L.M.R. 'flash.' 2-10-0 No. 73797 has been named The Sapper with plates from the D.M.R. 2-8-0 recently returned to the U.K. No. 73651 has returned from Brighton and is to be converted to oil-burning. 2-8-0 No. 77337 is now Sir Guy Williams, and still in chocolate livery. No. 79250 is kept chiefly as a training engine, with all parts labelled for instruction of trainees, and it is kept very clean. 2-8-0 No. 93257 is still in grey paint, and is stored in the open. 0-6-0 ST No. 75079 Sir John French (in R.E. blue livery and fitted for working passenger trains) is now fitted with full electric lighting, which is supplied from a small turbo-generator mounted on the right hand running plate. The only non-standard engines on the L.M.R. are Nos. 72400/1, which are stored at Gipsy Hollow and are for sale. 4-4-0T Kingsley is still used for derailments, though it is more of a vehicle than a locomotive. Dean's goods No. 70195 is still at Longmoor, and is also used for training. The remaining 2-10-0's are stored in two sidings at Gipsy Hollow, and will eventually be repaired for service on the main lines. No. 70204 Selborne has left the L.M.R. and No. 70208 Kitchener has been shipped to Belfast. It is reported that the famous Gazelle from the S. & M.R. will be preserved at Longmoor. SLS/194806
15/02/1949 Longmoor The following engines were in evidence on 15/2: 0-4-4-0D Nos. 71232/3 (1941); 0-6-0D No. 70271 (Derby 1945); 0-6-0ST Nos. 71443, 71505, 75041, 75042, 75079 Lisieux, 75277, 75282, 75290; 0-6-0 No. 70195 (G.W. 2531)-pannier tanks removed; 2-8-0 Nos. 77337 Sir Guy Williams; 79250 Major General McMullen; 2-10-0 No. 73797 Kitchener; 2-8-0 No. 93257 Major General Carl R. Gray, Jnr. (ex U.S.A. 3257); 0-6-0T No. 94382 Major General Frank S. Ross (ex U.S.A. 4382), and awaiting repair 2-10-0 Nos. 73775/80/82/87/91. It is understood that No. 73651 and at least one more Diesel are allocated here. SLS/194904
01/11/1952 W.D. Renumbering Details have already been given of the renumbering being, carried out of W.D. locomotives. It has been observed that in some cases the old five-figure number has not been deleted when the new one is applied. Examples of this at Longmoor recently included 400 (77337); 601 (73797) and 1177 (75275), while Diesel No. 891, also carries numbers 71233 and WS378. At Shoeburyness, too, can be seen engines carrying two or three numbers, since in addition to their old and new W.D. numbers, the permanent stock here also carries Shoeburyness Garrison Railway numbers. In June, two such engines were observed, S.G.R. 24 (126, 75099) and 25 (168, 75019), and it is possible that there may be others. Two engines of especial interest are at Longmoor. One is an ex-G.W.R. Dean 0-6-0, nameless and unlettered, but with the number 2501 on the bufferbeam. The other is the former No. 93257 (U.S. Army type 2-8-0), now officially W.D. 700. This is at present not carrying either of its W.D. numbers. It has been used in a film, in which it depicts a Russian engine, and it still carries its 'Russian' number, A$ 7121, on the bufferbeam. There are no lettering or numbers whatever on cab or tender. SLS/195302

Date Event Details Source See Also
07/1943 To Service To service as WD Number 7337
Built at North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow, Works Number 25205
01/1945 Renumbered Renumbered to 77337    
1965 Withdrawn Condemned as 77337    

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