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Numbers Carried
Type Number Date From Notes
Pre TOPS (Pre Tops) D3800 12/12/1959  
TOPS (Tops) 08633 02/1974  

Locomotive Specifics
Class as Built 08
Subclass/Rebuild History
Wheels 0-6-0
Builder Derby Works
To Service 12/12/1959 to Stoke (5D)
Status In Service

Code Name Date From
5D Stoke (New) on 12/12/1959
24J Lancaster Green Ayre w/e 02/01/1960
5D Stoke w/e 13/06/1960
5A Crewe Diesel w/e 05/02/1966
5D Stoke w/e 12/02/1966
5A Crewe Diesel w/e 25/11/1967

Start Event Details Source See Also
12/12/1959 To Service To service as British Railways Number 3800
Built at Derby Works
Allocated to Stoke (5D)
02/01/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Lancaster Green Ayre (24J)    
13/06/1960 Allocation Reallocated to Stoke (5D)    
05/02/1966 Allocation Reallocated to Crewe Diesel (5A)    
12/02/1966 Allocation Reallocated to Stoke (5D)    
25/11/1967 Allocation Reallocated to Crewe Diesel (5A)    
02/1974 Renumbered Renumbered to 08633    

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