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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
Southern Railway (1931) 1556 m/e 02/1909
British Railways 31556 m/e 03/1950

Locomotive Specifics
Designer H. Wainwright
Class P
Company History SR
Wheels 0-6-0T
Builder Ashford Works
To Service During 02/1909
Withdrawal w/e Sat 24/06/1961
Service Life 52 yrs, 4 mths , 24 dys


Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
    (New) m/e 02/1909
DOV   Dover Marine on 01/01/1948 (Snapshot)
BTN   Brighton 3w/e 28/05/1949
     Withdrawn w/e 24/06/1961

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC BTN Brighton 3w/e 28/05/1949
WDN   w/e 24/06/1961

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced
Current Status Unknown
Status Date 17/09/2018

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
30/09/1950 General Now that the new 2-6-4 tanks are arriving at Tunbridge Wells West, the Maunsell 0-6-0s of class, 'Q' which had been on the Oxted line passenger jobs have been transferred to other sheds for freight duties. Nos. 42096-42101 had arrived to the beginning of September, and a few more are expected. Others under construction in Brighton Works are 42103-42106, 42066-42069. This method of 'numbering backward' savours of L.M.S. methods, though it is understood that after reaching 42095 the next will be 82010 (but not this year!)
It is not unusual to see class '5MT' from the L.M.R. at Brighton, chiefly on Sundays or in mid-week: the shedplates are usually 2A or 1A, e.g., 45020 an 45353, but 45233 with a 26A plate was something rather out of the ordinary on 27th August.
Little progress has been made recently with the last of the 4-6-2 to be built at Brighton (No. 34110): precedence is doubtless being given to the class '4' tanks. Only a few 2-8-0 seem to be in traffic round Brighton nowadays, though several are in Brighton shops for heavy repair; 90247, however, is much in evidence with its 4B shedplate, a legacy from its' Shrewsbury days.
Several Central Section engines have now had their 75A plates affixed, the earliest noted being 31556, 32505, 32509, 32339, 32424, but the number grows daily. Eastern section engines working in have not had shedplates up to the end of August.
Early in September the last active 0-4-2T No. 2252 was regularly on the Horsham auto, leaving Brighton about 4 p.m.; it is feared that this veteran may soon wear out its boiler, and then-goodbye?

Date Event Details Source See Also
02/1909 To Service To service as Southern Railway Number 1556
Built at Ashford Works
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Dover Marine (DOV)    
28/05/1949 Allocation Reallocated to Brighton (BTN)    
03/1950 Renumbered Renumbered to 31556    
24/06/1961 Withdrawn Condemned as 31556    

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