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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
Southern Railway (1931) 1706 m/e 12/1900
British Railways 31706 m/e 08/1948

Locomotive Specifics
Class R1
Company History SR
Wheels 0-4-4T
Builder Ashford Works
To Service During 12/1900
Withdrawal During 12/1952
Service Life 52 yrs

Scrapping During 12/1952

Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
    (New) m/e 12/1900
BAT   Stewarts Lane on 01/01/1948 (Snapshot)
74E   St Leonards 4w/e 07/10/1950
74E   St Leonards 5w/e 31/10/1950
74D   Tonbridge 4w/e 13/11/1950
74D   Tonbridge m/e 30/11/1950
74D   Tonbridge 4w/e 08/12/1950
     Withdrawn m/e 12/1952

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
ALLOC 74E St Leonards 5w/e 31/10/1950
ALLOC 74D Tonbridge m/e 30/11/1950
WDN   on 08/11/1952

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
10/06/1950 Brighton Works On the occasion of the Works visit on Saturday, 10th June, the following were noted: e20001 (new livery), 31295 (lined), 31706, 32460, 34045 Ottery St. Mary, 34074, 34082 615 Squadron (30)272, 32636 (lined, waiting boiler), 42096 (tanks being fitted), 42097 (boiler in), frames up to 42102, frames of 34110, 77108/90570 (V.F.4924/43), 77359/90207, 90702, 77030/90127, and the works shunters 377S an 2235. Diesel 15203 was still outside after repair and repaint. The transfer of the 'W.D. 8F' proceeds apace; they were most useful on the Southern Region for maintaining quick goods working between the frequent passenger services (mostly electric), as they had a good turn of speed;, and they were used on empty stock and mixed trains. SLS/195007
30/06/1950 Brighton Works New construction: 4-6-2 34110; 2-6-4T 42097-42166, the first three being in a forward stage. 42096 came out early in July and bears a Brighton date plate, 1950. In for repair: 0-6-OT 515S; 0-6-2T 32460, 32594; 4-4-2T 32083; 2-6-0 32347; 2-8-0 77030, 77108, 77359; 4-6-2 34036, 34045 Ottery St. Mary, 34038 Lynton, 34082 615 Squadron. 34036 will probably now receive its name-plates Westward Ho!: this was the engine which was fitted to burn oil on the Laidlaw-Drew method till September 1948, when it was re-converted at Eastleigh to burn coal: for some reason the plates were not then affixed. The 'D.3' 32378 compares unfavourably in appearance with others of the class, as it is painted unlined black without even the usual emblem: on the other hand 32386 is kept in good condition, and the lining and emblem make it look attractive. The class 'G.6' tank recently repaired at Brighton has not been renumbered 30272 as anticipated, but is now DS3152 with tanks lettered -Engineer's Dept.' Meldon Quarry.' There is no mention of British Railways on the tanks.
B.O.B. 34074 is now named 46 Squadron. Engines going through Brighton shops hitherto have been very thoroughly brought into line with latest ideas as to lettering, etc., but 'R.1' bogie tank 31706 has had SOUTHERN replaced by the B.R. totem, yet still retaining the green shaded numerals on the bunker. The side tanks only have been repainted.

Date Event Details Source See Also
12/1900 To Service To service as Southern Railway Number 1706
Built at Ashford Works
01/01/1948 Allocation Allocation Snapshot - Stewarts Lane (BAT)    
08/1948 Renumbered Renumbered to 31706    
07/10/1950 Allocation Reallocated to St Leonards (74E)    
31/10/1950 Allocation Reallocated to St Leonards (74E)    
13/11/1950 Allocation Reallocated to Tonbridge (74D)    
30/11/1950 Allocation Reallocated to Tonbridge (74D)    
08/12/1950 Allocation Reallocated to Tonbridge (74D)    
12/1952 Withdrawn Condemned as 31706    
12/1952 Scrapped Scrapped    

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