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Numbers Carried
Company Number Date From
British Railways 80081 on 31/03/1954

Locomotive Specifics
Designer R. Riddles
Class Standard Class 4 Tank
Company History BR
Wheels 2-6-4T
Builder Brighton Works
To Service Tue 31/03/1954 to Bletchley (1E)
Withdrawal Tue 08/06/1965
Service Life 11 yrs, 2 mths , 8 dys

Scrapping During 10/1965 at Birds (Morriston)

Code Subsequent Codes Name From Date
1E   Bletchley (New) on 31/03/1954
1A   Willesden w/e 07/11/1959
73A   Stewarts Lane 5w/e 31/12/1959
71G   Weymouth Radipole (GWR) 4w/e 22/07/1963
71B   Bournemouth 4w/e 19/08/1963
     Withdrawn on 08/06/1965

SLS Allocations*
Type Code Name From Date
NEW 1E Bletchley w/e 03/04/1954
ALLOC 1A Willesden 4w/e 28/11/1959
ALLOC 91S To Southern Region 5w/e 02/01/1960
ALLOC 71G Weymouth Radipole (GWR) 4w/e 22/07/1963
ALLOC 71B Bournemouth 8w/e 19/08/1963
WDN   w/e 13/06/1965

* Stephenson Locomotive Society data - raw and not yet cross-referenced

Mentions ...
Report Date Title Report Source
19/12/1958 Derby Works (Erecting shop: 1 bay) Paint shop-42337, 42518, 43960, 73044, 12043, D5005. D/E Erecting shop-10203, 10800, 12035, 13026/37/9, 15004, ED2, ED7, and last two of order D658 D3571/2. Test House-D3570, D5006. Erecting shop: 1 bay-42410G, 42421I, 44247G, 44276I, 44408G, 4463G, 47165I, 47464I, 48371I, 48403G, 48408G, 48637G, 48760I, 75026G, 80081I, 1 bay stripping-42378, 42381; Erecting shop: 2 bay-42516I, 44501G, 48063I, 48322I, 2 bay stripping-44009, 44400; Erecting shop: 3 bay-D5008-14 New, Bo-Bo 1160 H.P. D1, 3, 4 & 5, 1Co-Co1 2300 H.P.; Works Yard-40047, 40680, 41083, 41090, 42534, 43186, 43856, 44053, 47309, 48533, 48611, 48639, 12096, D2(fr.), D3569, D5084/7. Locomotives stored-40538, 43881, 43930, 44142, 44369, 58132 an 49418. SLS/195901
06/11/1959 Southern Region floods 4th-6/11/1959. Unique in that on the second day (Sat., Nov. 5th) as far as possible a half-hourly service was operated such as only scheduled or attempted with electric multiple-units introduced in 1935, was the emergency steam working between Brighton and Eastbourne calling at intermediate stations, on account of severe flooding through the two-sided junction station at the county town, Lewes, necessitating withdrawal of all electric trains for 2 or more days on the Brighton side; for more than a week on the Haywards Heath-London side. It was not possible for the steam locOrnotives as a rule to keep intermediate timings but it was a great effort by all concerned over steep gradients 'twixt Lewes and Brighton under hazardous conditions, for instance. Saturday loads were 4-5 bogies though on Friday with fewer trains up to 8-9 modern coaches were hauled on some trips presenting a tough proposition as the engines were of a mixed character with crews hastily gathered together. Some complete outfits were from the Brighton-Uckfield (Tunbridge Wells) route closed temporarily by other flooding. Mr. S. C. Nash kindly supplied the following list of locomotives sharing in the handling of the emergency passenger service, Nov. 4th-6th :- Tender: 34098 'West Country'; 30546, 'Q', 31686, 31724, 'C', 0-6-0s; 31825, 'N', 31902/7, 'Ul', 32337/41-2, 'K' ex-L.B.S.C.R., 2.6-0s; 75075, B.R. class 4 4-6-0. Tank: 30053/6 'M7' ex-L.S.W.R. motor fitted, also partly on Seaford branch; 80032/81/146/7/52-4, B.R. class 4 2-6-4T. There were also part time two Hastings-London 6-car diesel-electric sets having greater accelerative capacity. SLS/196102
05/03/1961 Eastleigh Works (Erecting Shop) Works Yard: 32107, 34078, 35007/26, 76059/62. Erecting Shop: D2274, D3465, E5004/6/17, 15233, 30106, 30254, 30501/6/13/20, 30667, 30863, 32300, 32662, 34062/96/7, 34108, 35016/7/20, 41318, 73019, 73117, 75066/71, 76007/65, 80018/43/81, 82015, Longmoor Military Rly. 600. Behind Boiler Shop: 15202/28, 30826. Scrap Road: 30031, 30128. SLS/196104

Date Event Details Source See Also
31/03/1954 To Service To service as British Railways Number 80081
Built at Brighton Works
Allocated to Bletchley (1E)
07/11/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Willesden (1A)    
31/12/1959 Allocation Reallocated to Stewarts Lane (73A)    
22/07/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Weymouth Radipole (GWR) (71G)    
19/08/1963 Allocation Reallocated to Bournemouth (71B)    
08/06/1965 Withdrawn Condemned as 80081    
10/1965 Scrapped Broken up by Birds: Morriston    

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