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Below is a list of visits to depots, scrapyards, locomotive works and major stations, usually in organised groups by organisations such as the RCTS, SLS, LCGB or BR itself.

Each listing contains those locomotives present on that day and may include further details such as the reason for the locomotive being present

Site Visits
Visit Date Details Contributor
19/02/1938 (Saturday) Wolverhampton Works visit  
16/07/1954 (Friday) Brighton Works Arrivals  
20/07/1954 (Tuesday) Eastleigh Works Arrivals  
21/07/1954 (Wednesday) Gateshead Works visit  
27/07/1954 (Tuesday) Ashford Works visit  
29/07/1954 (Thursday) Doncaster Works scrapyard only  
08/1954 Eastleigh Works Open Day  
08/1954 Trafford Park depot  
01/08/1954 (Sunday) Reddish depot visit  
02/08/1954 (Monday) Bow Works visit  
05/08/1954 (Thursday) Stratford Works visit  
06/08/1954 (Friday) Lochgorm Works visit  
08/08/1954 (Sunday) Stratford Works visit  
09/08/1954 (Monday) Barry Works visit  
14/08/1954 (Saturday) Derby Works Construction shops.  
15/08/1954 (Sunday) Gorton Works visit  
17/08/1954 (Tuesday) Inverurie Works visit  
17/08/1954 (Tuesday) Wolverhampton Works visit  
22/08/1954 (Sunday) Swindon Works visit  
11/02/1961 (Saturday) Darlington Works visit.  
18/02/1961 (Saturday) Eastleigh Works visit.  
25/02/1961 (Saturday) Ashford Works visit.  
25/02/1961 (Saturday) Derby Works visit.  
25/02/1961 (Saturday) Eastleigh Works visit.  
26/02/1961 (Sunday) Doncaster Works visit.  
18/04/1961 (Tuesday) Polmadie depot.  
02/07/1961 (Sunday) Stabled at Old Oak Common  
11/11/1961 (Saturday) Darlington Works visit  
12/11/1961 (Sunday) Swindon Works visit  
19/11/1961 (Sunday) Horwich Works visit  
19/11/1961 (Sunday) Derby Works visit  
26/11/1961 (Sunday) Crewe Works visit  
26/11/1961 (Sunday) Eastleigh Works visit  
03/12/1961 (Sunday) Doncaster Works visit  
03/12/1961 (Sunday) Swindon Works visit  
09/12/1961 (Saturday) Horwich Works visit  
15/12/1961 (Friday) Derby Works visit  
04/03/1962 (Sunday) Swindon Works visit.  
04/03/1962 (Sunday) Wolverhampton Works visit.  
10/03/1962 (Saturday) Inverurie Works visit.  
16/03/1962 (Friday) Derby Works visit.  
18/03/1962 (Sunday) Gorton Works visit.  
25/03/1962 (Sunday) Darlington Works visit  
06/04/1962 (Friday) Derby Works visit  
08/04/1962 (Sunday) Crewe Works visit  
08/04/1962 (Sunday) Oswestry Works visit  
15/04/1962 (Sunday) Horwich Works visit  
18/04/1962 (Wednesday) Inverurie Works visit  
20/05/1962 (Sunday) Carriage shops at St. Rollox Works  
02/06/1962 (Saturday) Inverurie Works visit  
03/06/1962 (Sunday) At Bo'ness  
08/06/1962 (Friday) Derby Works visit  
26/09/1964 (Saturday) Waleswood Junction - This log was recorded on the ex-M.S.&.L. line east of Sheffield. John Thickitt
03/10/1964 (Saturday) A morning spent at Kiveton Park (ex MSLR) John Thickitt
24/10/1964 (Saturday) A visit to Retford (G.N.) shed John Thickitt
08/11/1964 (Sunday) A visit to Frodingham shed John Thickitt
08/11/1964 (Sunday) A visit to Retford (G.C.) shed (Thrumpton) John Thickitt
14/11/1964 (Saturday) A visit to Canklow shed John Thickitt
29/11/1964 (Sunday) Swindon Works visit  
21/03/1965 (Sunday) A visit to Kirkby in Ashfield shed John Thickett
29/04/1965 (Thursday) An afternoon at Sheffield Midland station John Thickett
24/10/1965 (Sunday) St Rollox shed  
06/05/1966 (Friday) Hughes Bolckow Scrapyard  
07/05/1966 (Saturday) Cashmore's Scrapyard, Newport  
07/05/1966 (Saturday) At Dock Street Goods yard, Newport  
07/05/1966 (Saturday) Birds Scrapyard, Bridgend  
21/08/1966 (Sunday) A visit to Heaton Mersey shed John Thickitt
03/09/1966 (Saturday) Last day of through services on the Great Central main line  
22/09/1966 (Thursday) Stabled at Kittybrewster shed  
23/10/1966 (Sunday) Salisbury depot  
29/04/1967 (Saturday) A visit to Wigan Springs Branch shed John Thickitt
29/04/1967 (Saturday) Lineside at Ince John Thickitt
17/09/1967 (Sunday) A visit to Royston (Yorkshire) shed John Thickitt
14/10/1967 (Saturday) Slag Reduction Co., Ickles scrapyard  
05/11/1967 (Sunday) Millerhill stabling point  
27/01/1968 (Saturday) Eastfield depot  
02/1968 Assembled at Eastfield  
13/04/1968 (Saturday) Glasgow Works visit  
13/04/1968 (Saturday) Polmadie depot  
14/04/1968 (Sunday) Perth depot visit  
14/04/1968 (Sunday) Thornton Junction  
01/05/1968 (Wednesday) Perth depot  
13/05/1968 (Monday) Scrap convoy  
16/05/1968 (Thursday) Scrap convoy  
20/05/1968 (Monday) Scrap convoy  
23/05/1968 (Thursday) Scrap convoy  
01/06/1968 (Saturday) McWilliams scrapyard, Shettleston  
02/06/1968 (Sunday) McWilliams scrapyard, Shettleston  
16/06/1968 (Sunday) Eastfield depot  
15/08/1968 (Thursday) Inverurie Works visit  
23/08/1968 (Friday) Eastfield depot  
27/08/1968 (Tuesday) Dundee depot  
27/08/1968 (Tuesday) Perth depot  
28/08/1968 (Wednesday) Inverness depot  
28/08/1968 (Wednesday) Inverurie Works visit  
28/08/1968 (Wednesday) Aberdeen  
19/10/1968 (Saturday) Glasgow Works visit  
27/10/1968 (Sunday) Hither Green depot  
05/01/1969 (Sunday) Crewe North depot  
15/06/1969 (Sunday) G. Cohen's scrapyard, Kettering  
15/06/1969 (Sunday) Corkerhill depot  
21/06/1969 (Saturday) Hornsey depot  
22/06/1969 (Sunday) Hornsey depot  
29/06/1969 (Sunday) Old Oak Common depot  
29/06/1969 (Sunday) Finsbury Park depot  
29/06/1969 (Sunday) At Kings Cross terminus  
30/06/1969 (Monday) Cardiff Canton departures  
30/06/1969 (Monday) Locomotive convoy  
05/07/1969 (Saturday) Birds scrapyard, Long Marston  
12/07/1969 (Saturday) Gloucester depot  
12/07/1969 (Saturday) Ardrossan depot  
12/07/1969 (Saturday) Gourock Station  
12/07/1969 (Saturday) Grangemouth depot  
13/07/1969 (Sunday) Polmadie Depot visit  
14/07/1969 (Monday) Aberdeen shed and environs  
15/07/1969 (Tuesday) Motherwell depot  
15/07/1969 (Tuesday) Inverness shed and environs  
15/07/1969 (Tuesday) Inverurie Works visit  
17/07/1969 (Thursday) Glasgow Works visit  
18/07/1969 (Friday) Bathgate  
22/07/1969 (Tuesday) Laira Depot visit  
22/07/1969 (Tuesday) Newton Abbot Depot visit  
23/07/1969 (Wednesday) Exeter St Davids station and depot  
26/07/1969 (Saturday) Allerton shed  
26/07/1969 (Saturday) At Birds, Long Marston RO489 11/69
27/07/1969 (Sunday) Crewe Works visit  
03/08/1969 (Sunday) Glasgow Works Visit  
13/08/1969 (Wednesday) Noted at J Cashmore's scrapyard, Newport RO489 11/69
01/09/1969 (Monday) Eastfield Triangle  
01/09/1969 (Monday) At Cohen's scrapyard, Kettering RO489 11/69
20/09/1969 (Saturday) Noted in Carlisle Kingmoor Yard RO489 11/69
10/04/1971 (Saturday) In store at Bury Shed  
18/07/1971 (Sunday) Locomotive failure  
03/08/1971 (Tuesday) NCB Manvers Main Colliery  
20/08/1971 (Friday) Polmadie depot.  
25/09/1971 (Saturday) Eastfield depot  
06/11/1971 (Saturday) NCB Manvers main coal preparation plant  
13/11/1971 (Saturday) Duport Steel Works Ltd., Albion works at Briton Ferry visit.  
19/12/1971 (Sunday) Stratford depot  
19/12/1971 (Sunday) Old Oak Common depot  
27/12/1971 (Monday) Stabled at Crewe Diesel depot  
28/12/1971 (Tuesday) Stabled at Birkenhead depot  
01/01/1972 (Saturday) Stabled at Edge Hill depot  
09/01/1972 (Sunday) Swindon Works visit  
09/01/1972 (Sunday) Stabled at St Philips Marsh depot, Bristol  
11/01/1972 (Tuesday) Locomotives on shed at Old Oak Common  
21/01/1972 (Friday) Swindon Works visit  
22/01/1972 (Saturday) Penarth Curve sidings, near Cardiff Canton  
30/01/1972 (Sunday) Crewe Works visit  
06/02/1972 (Sunday) Toton depot visit during coal strike  
06/02/1972 (Sunday) Derby Works visit  
10/02/1972 (Thursday) Swindon Works visit  
26/02/1972 (Saturday) Bristol St. Philips Marsh depot  
15/04/1972 (Saturday) Polmadie depot  
28/10/1973 (Sunday) In store at Laira RO539 01/74
22/06/1975 (Sunday) Old Oak Common shed  
02/04/1977 (Saturday) Millerhill depot